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    Basically i play rythm part of song. From time to time i need to play a kind of riff or solo. In this case i need to boost my sound. What is the best to acheive this for clean sound and for satured one.
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    Reverb knob

    Very often you find basic setting in magazines. They advice to turn reverb knob to 5, 8 or whatever. When you open the reverb effect on the amplifi app you have at the minimum 3 or 5 different parameter. On the amplifi device you have reverb knob you turn it left to right (0 to 10) . What should do in the app to set sympli set the reverb to 5 ? What should i do with all those parameters ?
  3. Hi Guys, I want to build a 1*12 cabinet for my Spider Valve MKII 112. I want to know what speaker should i use for this. I red my amp is using 12" speaker Celestion Vintage. On the web I see this 2 Celestion speaker Celestion Vintage 30 - 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm for both the spec says 60w Should I am wondering if i choose this speaker as well for my cab ? thanks
  4. Yes no problem. Direct Out do not stop the Celestion. I use it in studio and on stage. I use my amp as a stage monitor and DO is connecting to another power amp.
  5. Hi Guys, I like very much loop called "classic rock" in Mobile Pod. this is one of the 4 loop you can try while choosing an amp in Mobile Pod. I am wondering if any body created a tablature of that riff ? Thanks