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  1. It's ok to replace an old model with a slightly newer one. I'm just so disappointed that the last updated I got for my hd pro was nearly a year ago, and than they release this thing. And again not even one new Amp model for the HD pods. The maintenance for their products is horrible in my opinion.
  2. How about an IR loader? That would be nice! (but I think the system couldn't handle that. Unless they reinvent the whole processing path.)
  3. I'm criticizing you for your brilliant video, it's direct criticism to line 6 products. I would not buy the 500x if you already own a HD Pod. For replacing the old one it would be ok...but in times of Kemper and axefx2 this release is not what I was looking forward to.
  4. I think it's ridiculous to advertise this device as NEW or something. It's the same ol' pod with it's limitations and a few more leds. And the differences between a tegra and a pod is, that the pod is 5 years old...the fist tegra was sold 3 years ago...now we have the 4th generation with 12x the power of the first tegra...
  5. I don't get it. This is actually the same product line 6 has sold for the last few years now...with a few more leds. I don't see the point here. In my opinion it's time for something new or at least a decent update for the HD Amps with an IR loader or so. My Pod Hd pro is working on it's limits every day. Time for change...
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