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  1. hi @silverhead - yes sure. Here's a small sample: 1. See timestamp 3:20 when he switches from snapshot 1 to 2. No E in the patch name. 2. Around 1" mark here: 3. Last one here, timestamp around 9". In this instance, he is actually changing the settings yet no "E" in the patch name.
  2. Thanks @waymda! I’ll keep that in mind. I just don’t see the “E” appear in demos when other users switch between snapshots on their patches. Not sure why it is bothering me so much!
  3. hi there - looking for some help on snapshots on the HX Stomp as I can't tell what I'm doing wrong! I've saved a preset with 3 snapshots (see first image). It looks & sounds fine. IMG_3334.HEIC But when I change to snapshot 2, I see a little "E" appear by the preset's name indicating something has changed (image 2). I don't see this happen in online demos. I've read the manual and watched a couple of YouTube videos but feel like I'm missing some setting somewhere. Any suggestions/help very welcome! IMG_3333.HEIC
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