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  1. Out of curiosity, after hearing so many say that the acoustics on 2.0 sounds worse or better than 1.9, isn't it a fact that the acoustic modelling is the same? The acoustic update was in FW 1.8 wasn't it? So, to hear a difference you would have to flash back to 1.7. :ph34r:
  2. Very much so! Thanks for the string settings tips, too. I hadn't thought of that. Mine are 70, 60, 60, 60, 100, 100 now FWIW. Sounding good now, guys. Thanks!
  3. Just sayin', I posted not only the fix first, but also the file set. :ph34r:
  4. Okay. I have looked at my preset. I don't see any mistakes. When you notice the bridge pickup being down near the bridge on preset 2, it is OFF. Ignore it. The middle pickup is now the bridge pickup. Just use your ears. It is very evident that it works as noticed in Fremen's video. If you notice on my position 4 preset the bridge angle is off, ignore it. The pickup is OFF. ;) Position 2 Position 4 Let me know if you have any troubles with this, but please, listen to it and tell me it doesn't sound better. :)
  5. Just change the position from .8 to 1.7 In my attempt to get a fix out, I let a bug get through. lol... It is guaranteed to work, though with no registration needed. If you just change the position and listen, you will see this is the case. With that said, I am off today and will be changing the preset and making a new post for anyone who cares to download a fix. I will also be attempting to reflash my JTV as it seems a couple of people fixed the problem this way?
  6. Glad to help. Big thanks to Fremen for finding this problem in the first place. To those who can't submit a ticket, I wonder if ideascale would work? http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Redo-the-strat-sound-and-the-acoustic-sound-of-the-JTV/516028-23508#comments
  7. I can't register my JTV for some reason, so I can't open a ticket. :angry:
  8. Try this to see if it will work for you guys. You should be able to save it now. There is nowhere else to share, so I put it in my google drive. Here is position 2 setting .
  9. Geez, FWIW, there is a weird bug that when you move a neck pickup to where the bridge normally is, it changes its tab name for you in WB to bridge (hard to explain). POTENTIAL TEMP FIX!#*#However, it seems that if you keep the bridge p/u where it is and turned off and move the neck p/u to the bridge spot (stack them) and treat it like a bridge p/u (i.e angle 10.7 and position 1.7), you can save your quacky settings! Swapping the bridge for the middle in the same manner seems to work for position 2 sounds. Another weird thing I just noticed is that I can't hear a tonal difference when cycling through the Strats pickups. It seems that if the P/U is in the neck position it is going to sound like a neck p/u even if you use a "bridge" pickup.
  10. Also having this problem when wiring a nashville style tele to have a middle pickup. When I change models, or transfer to variax the pickups revert themselves to middle only it sounds like.
  11. Yes, the same problem on mine. Did you already send a ticket in for this bug?
  12. I can't wait to see where this takes us. IMO, the maple neck strat pictured here will cure the quack you guys crave. Try decreasing the middle pickup volume to -5db to help the quack in pos 4.
  13. Decreasing the volume of the middle pickup definitely helps bring the quack back on position 4. It doesn't seem to do as much for position 2, but IMO, position 2 sounds pretty good (although I may favor 1.9 a bit on this). Other than that, I am loving the new models. Jazzbox and all!
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