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  1. @silverhead I shall try that tonight and let you know. Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks for the help. Im at work at the moment so I'll do it when I get home. Will adding a software mic preamp work? Im worried that it will only increase the noise that's already present on the line and make the insane reverb worse?
  3. I have, I'm getting signal into the interface and out again, its just muddy and distant like theirs a large hall reverb on it.
  4. Hi, I'm having a few problems with connecting these two devices. I've set the UX2 up to recognize the mic so I'm getting signal and can hear it but I have to crank the input gain to about 9 to get anything decent out of it! And I'm using the word "decent" very lightly. The resulting sound is full of reverb and noise. I'm wondering if this is a general problem when using a UX2 and a condenser mic. I've borrowed this mic off a friend who uses it with a Sapphire Pro 14 and he gets beautiful recordings. Clear and crisp. Do I need to amp the signal before it reaches the UX2 preamp? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Patrick
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