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  1. Great. Thanks for your help. It's a shame they don't supply it as a kit though. I would've thought it more important to get the variax idea out there rather than sell James Tyler guitars. I've got nothing against them other than I would rather use my Gibson kes Paul or my fender tele. Maybe if your listening line 6 - a retro fit kit for the future.
  2. I have an old tele I would love to turn into a variax guitar. Is this possible? Is there a kit?
  3. so I'm thinking of going HD pro x in a rack portable rack with a G90 sitting above it. is there a way of connecting the two on the back of the rig/ i guess op of G90 into the line input? does that work. just didn't want to have to run a cable from the back of the g90 to the front of the pod
  4. hi lachinelli. i did always think when I've got this rig sussed then i might cable with some distortions from the pod - maybe to add into the tube wonderfulness of my marshall 1973X. its a steep learning curve this pod stuff!
  5. hi - i would love to see a simplified pod. just for use in front of the amp. just fx no amps or cabs. use the knobs for key controls on the effects. I'm using a hd 500x on the front end in to my marshall - and most of the stuff in the pod is redundant - so in my presets i have taken out all amp and cab emulation. i would love to see a product that did just that - slightly cheaper and more processing power to the fx. Also an easier way doing A/B amp channel switching - at the moment I'm using the left and right channel to feed the channels and muting either one accordingly. but is seems impossible to bring that up as a foot switchable option without having a whole different patch. anyway - I'm sure half the guitarist out there probably just use this as a fx tool not a distortion/amp/cab modelling thing.
  6. when are line 6 going to update the FBV shortboard with the new industrial buttons like on the 500x. i would love to get a HDPro X and run a powered RJ45 out to front of stage. and keep all my cables and effects back near the amp. seems perfect apart form the fact the FBV hasn't been updated to match the better quality buttons of the 500 X
  7. hey thanks for your help - i will read up on it now
  8. hi - so I've got an old style 1973X - so i need a dual path from the HD500 to the amp. so i plug my guitar into the HD500X then have two cables running to the two channels on the 1973X and use the presets to do the channel switching. is this possible using this dual path thing?
  9. is this possible. i want to replace my pedalboard full of fx with the HD500X. but i use a channel splitter to send ut to the clean then the dirty channel of a marshall. so i would need the HD500X to do this too. any thoughts?
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