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  1. in fact i just watched the video on the other thread where someone is demoing all the presets on the fire hawk and it looks pretty instant to me.
  2. so are you saying when you switch on of the foot switches with your foot there is a delay before it recalls the effect?
  3. so how come its out in the states then? don't understand. can't be that hard to make it work at 240/50!!!!
  4. true. i really like andirons - they do so much work with videos and stuff. but they've had my money for a long time now. yes fully expecting the 29th of may to slip again!
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    great thanks for your help
  6. jonhollis


    ok thanks - I'm still waiting for my fire hawk to arrive. just trying to work out the best way to run it!
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    yes thats the plan, but i need something in the software (like the old HD500) that will direct the sound into either the left or the right. its a well known practice to feed two live channels of an amp but get the software to send to either channel stored on a preset basis. i looked on the app and couldn't see any module that allowed me to pan all the way to the left or the right.
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    can you set a left and right pan with the fire hawk. you know if i wanted to feed a two channel amp - so left would go to channel one and right to two? then store in the presets which channel has the audio sent to it?
  9. yes me too - they are very lacking on their website about any details about anything. no videos no nothing. i used to be very loyal to line6 and their attitude has put me off just lately. The fire hawk though does look like a very cool product! I've been messing with the app and that is brilliant.
  10. so my order has been put back again - now to the 29th of may. this so far has been put back twice now. a total delay of two months. is there a problem? i presume people have them in the US.
  11. so if you download the current list of effects from the line 6 website it says this Bender This effect lets you control a change of pitch using an FBV pedal connected to AMPLIFi. You can set one amount of pitch shift for the heel and toe positions. ​i can't get it to do this!!!!!
  12. i need a bypass all button on the app. for the times when you just need to go clean. also I'm using the amp output of my amplifi TT into my tube amp - i have to have both levels at max to get a similar tone to straight in - is this correct?
  13. dammit - thanks - i knew there would be a simple way. sorry for the misplaced airtime!!!
  14. someone please tell me how to duplicate a tone on the amplifi app - must be obvious and I'm missing something! then who knows with line 6 - i still find it unbelievable that you can't copy an effect out of one patch into another
  15. can the expression pedal in the FBV control the whammy effect? i can't seem to get it to do that at all
  16. just done that!
  17. that doesn't work. so i have a perfect reverb, a couple of great delays a very cool wah. i might want any combination of those thigngs
  18. well theres absolutely no point in having a bender/whammy in there if you can't control it!!
  19. this doesn't seem to work with the bender effect. i expected the expression pedal to adjust the pitch value. anyone know how to get this to work?
  20. it would be great to be able to save individual settings for the devices in the amplifi app. so, for example, you can save your favourite settings for a tube screamer. so when you load the tube screamer and select it to see the slider menu, at the bottom of the page theres a bunch of presets you can save your self. dent need to many - maybe four or five. could be really useful. it seems to me right now if I've perfected a great reverb i love, there is no way to copy that into another tone preset - the only way i can see is to write down all the slider values and then apply it manually to the new tone your working on.
  21. ahh - that bloke from line 6 was misleading in his demo then - he said four were user definable and the rest were factory! I'm glad it is the way you say
  22. i meant user definable. are all 100 user definable?
  23. is this the case? even with a FBV shortboard Mk2 - you can only store four presets??
  24. scary stuff! what is a vacuum switch? is it the footswitch?
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