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  1. Someone commented on huge tone issues with the Helix. I'll just leave this here... Helix direct into Studio One 4 Pro using my BFR Axis Buckeye Burl.
  2. I have had my Helix since March 9th. The only issue I have had is the vintage delay bug causing popping but that is a software issue and global. The unit has been stellar for me but I do have a tendency to really take care of things I own as well. I always use surge protection when operating, clean it often, and Glenn DeLaune makes a real nice display cover you can purchase.
  3. leadtooth

    Old Man Happy

    50 here (playing since I was 7) with the Helix. I love this unit and have a hard time disconnecting from it when playing. I have some of Glenn DeLaune's patches and the new Bogner Xtacy is phenomenal. I can cover a variety of styles if I want to with it and it takes my buckers or single coils easily. The only "live" playing I do anymore is worship so for my all out shred fests I am jamming to my own party at home. I have no desire for a board anymore and I have been a tone snob, tube snob, boutique pedal snob for years. To me the Helix is that good not to mention I throw my guitar in my mono bag and the Helix in its bag and I have all I need to go with tube tone for days.
  4. 50 years old, been playing since I was 7. Tone snob, tone chaser, tube fanatic. I have a ton of boutique pedals and power supplies and boards I be happy to sell to you. All I need now is my Helix and a simple backup with a DI box to PA for if/when the Helix goes down. I absolutely love my Helix and it's the first modeler that I have truly felt this way about. I can't get enough of it and the more I play it the more it sucks me in. At my age with 26 surgeries under my belt (recent spinal neck with a titanium plate) I am done hauling massive gear around. it felt good this last weekend to carry my guitar in my mono bag on my back and the lightweight helix in the bag!
  5. I am not using Factory Presets either. The problem is a known issue with the vintage delay (apparently been like this for some time). If you get rid of that and switch it it should go away as it did for me.
  6. leadtooth

    Glenn Delaune

    Simply put, Glenn is a standup guy. Humble, honest, always willing to take time to help if need be and he has a crazy schedule through all this. I cannot say enough good things about him and his patches rock!!! Take a listen to the new high gain patches he just did, specifically the Bogner Xtacy phenomenal!
  7. Yea that's the issue the vintage delay. The reason I assumed it was global is that I was using it on several patches thus the same results. I appreciate all the replies and help thanks so much! Furthermore, one of the patches from Glenn DeLaune that I mentioned I used in worship also had the vintage delay. Glenn fixed it fast and sent me the new patch. Just a shout out to Glenn; he is a great guy to deal with, friendly, genuine, and really cares about helping people.
  8. This is exactly where my issues is. I have isolated it down to a combination of mod/delay, vintage digital delay, and partical reverb. Separately they all work fine but when I mix them on a particular patch and combine tremolo and chorus I have the popping. If I turn off the trail delay and leave the others on its fine. Need to do more digging later today. Thank you all again for all the help I truly do appreciate it. I use all these in combo for worship for swells with volume, ambiance, etc..
  9. Sorry I meant to say Snapshot. The one I use most for worship is the GD-AMBNT SNPSHT. I only get the popping when I am playing. If I stop playing and the Helix just sits it does not happen. This happens with different patches as well. I could understand the issue being me running direct into the preamp portion of the Fender at home, however, as I stated, I get the same result direct to the PA at church. As far as "cans" go I am referring to the PA headset at church as I do not like using the in ear. Everyone with "cans" or "in ear" can also hear it. I have tried other patches even just a straight out crunch build and I still get it. I will try to some suggestions you all have shared today and see if I can try to narrow it down further. Thank you all for trying to help I greatly appreciate it.
  10. If seems to be globall but is more predominant on my Worship patch which is scripted From Glenn DeLaune. Could this be a EQ problem? Pulling straws at this point but just thought about EQ.
  11. Yes I checked my cables and I don't run cheap ones. I use Divine Noise cables.
  12. As I have stated it happens at home or at church through the PA 15 miles away no less. I am confused about "all the electronics added" statement you made as I have no electronics added. I am running direct into Helix and ..... please re-read my original post. I get the same effect using my strat with gen 4 noiseless pickups.
  13. Bump: Support ticket in still waiting for help. I cannot believe I am the only one with this issue.....
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