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  1. R_Z1

    Problem updating

    At my age, if I remember what I had for breakfast, I'm doing good. Seriously though, I thought for sure I used to download it from the Line 6 site. But now, I'll go through the updater. Can't wait to get some time to try out all the new stuff. Thanks again all!!!!
  2. R_Z1

    Problem updating

    Thank you!! What happened is when I had clicked on the updater, it showed Helix 2.3. I was confused and thought that it wanted to update it to 2.3. But once I pressed enter it did the rest.
  3. R_Z1

    Problem updating

    Hello. I've updated my helix on this same computer over and over. I use Firefox. But today it's not letting me. When I press the download on the update page, I get to the accept page and then as it's about to begin, I get an error message. I've attached it below. I've updated both the updater and the HX Edit. Any idea? Thanks, Ron
  4. Greetings. As a noob to this site, I just need to ask one question. The 2.50 update info shows to be posted above back in 2016. Does that mean someone just does an edit to the post for each upcoming update? Sorry if it's a dumb question. Thanks! Ron
  5. R_Z1

    Out of the Box

    Drink lots of fluids.
  6. Watching the many steps on that video just to hear music is something! While I totally get that this is a pro unit, it is interesting that there isn't a Mix input for items like an ipod, ipad or other such units to playback songs. I also play drums and my Roland TD-20's have a mix in on the back of the unit with a separate knob on the front of the module to adjust how much music input there is to the drums. This isn't an issue for me, but because of this thread, it reminded me of my electronic set. It's just plug and play.
  7. R_Z1

    Wah Wah

    Perfect!! It took me a bit to figure out which buttons to push to get to the learn controller, but once I got there and pressed the button, it asked me to move the pedal and BINGO, it works. Thanks for the excellent tip!
  8. R_Z1

    Wah Wah

    Howdy! I was learning about snapshots, so I created 4 different ones across the bottom. The 4th is for a wah. When I added the wah (in front of the cab), I get the low end sound of the wah, but when I press the pedal, it does nothing. I removed it as was recommended and added a new wah, nothing. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there something in global I need to do? I've tried to find videos and nothing comes up. Any ideas? Thanks, Stumped in Memphis.
  9. R_Z1

    Helix 2.21

    Mine did it twice. I've had it on maybe 3 times since and it's back to normal.
  10. Gratz on the Helix. The hardest part, buying the Helix, is over. Now comes the fun part, learning. I am a novice when it comes to building tones. When I owned the Pod X3, the only thing I did was download custom tones from the site and add them to the empty slots. Now I am having a blast creating presets. Watch every YouTube video you can find. Open up a user preset and start dropping amps and cabinets. Figure out how to adjust the tone to your liking and then pop in effects and your choice of options. Save rinse repeat. Really just take your time and dive in. Have fun.
  11. Got it. Thanks for clarifying. I've been messing around with it, turned it on and off and it's fine. Thanks!!!
  12. Well I decided to play around with the Helix. Big issue. Once I turn it on, it begins loading all the presets over. So, I let it happen, reset global and added back in my bundle. Then redid the IR's. Turned it off and back on, and now it's reloading presets again. This isn't right. Any ideas?
  13. I did the update this morning. Pretty much uneventful. I saved all my presets to a bundle and reinstalled them. I haven't had a lot of time to dig in, but I did notice the one snapshot test I made a few days ago, all the snapshot names were gone. As for IR's, I decided to start over. I now have those loaded and we'll see how things go when I get a change to turn on the Helix.
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