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  1. Hi, I know there's a guy with a similar issue to me in another topic, which I've replied to, but I thought I'd post something myself in case someone can give me an answer more directly/quickly. The first time I tried using it I had a bass guitar plugged directly in and was getting some levels in Logic ready to record, all was working fine, I was getting sound and levels on the front of the device. But, for seemingly no reason, the device randomly froze up, the VUs stopped moving and the sound cut out. Not only that but pressing the power button did nothing, it remained lit up. I even left it like that for a while to see if it might sort itself out but nothing. Finally, I just had to switch off the main power at the wall and then it turned off. I'm nowhere near a service centre, unfortunately, so if anyone's got any advice or maybe encountered this problem before and fixed it and could help, I'd be hugely grateful!! Many thanks, Paul
  2. I have had a very similar issue, if not the same one! Had my UX8 plugged in and running through Logic, all was fine, I was getting some levels ready to record a bass guitar I had plugged directly into it. Then, for seemingly no reason the sound stopped and the UX8 froze up. Hit the power button to turn it off and on but the lights stayed on and would only switch off when I pulled the power cable out from it! Very strange...and frustrating! If anyone has any help that would be invaluable to me, as there's no way I can travel a couple hundred miles to my nearest service centre!
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