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    Changing between snapshots with different delay times

    Brilliant, never even knew about that setting! There's so much to the Helix its' going to be a lot of tweaking to get things right, but even after a couple of days I've got some amazing amp tones out of it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone, Only had my Helix LT for a couple of days, I'm coming from using an M13 into a Blackstar HT20, I've set up 4 snapshots, with different delay models and times. When I switch from one to another, the difference in delay time is really noticeable, even with trails off, its like playing a chord and turning the delay time knob quickly as its changing between snapshots. I'm still fumbling my way around, so I've probably not set up the snapshots correctly. Any help would be great.
  3. Hi there, new to the forum, and hopefully soon to purchase a Helix LT. I need some advice regarding amps, speakers etc. I'm currently running an M13 via 4cm into a Blackstar HT20 head and 1x12 cab. I'm keen to do away with as many cables as possible, for sake of quick set up/take down time. I also have a Vox ACR15 VR, a sort of hybrid Solid State/valve amp, with no effects loop - only use this at home, as other rig is at practice room. So, can someone recommend easiest set up to get me started? As a side note, I can pick up a second hand Crate powerblock at the same shop selling the Helix, I know quite a few people use these along with a regular guitar cab - But I wanted to see what I could do with the gear I already own first. My apologies, as this has probably been discussed to death already. Cheers.