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  1. Just bought the 75 today. Took a long time deciding to do it, but I'm happy so far. Key thing is knowing what you want. I wanted a small practice amp that doubles as a music system for our spare room. Something to get me playing and practicing as quickly (and therefore as often) as possible. I'm not a gigging musician, nor a massive tone connoisseur. I'm not expecting it to perfectly replicate every nuance of a tube amp. Amplifi seems pretty clearly marketed at players like me: people who can't justify spending £1000s on kit just to twang away in the bedroom. Line 6 seems to have plenty for the more serious players (and those with bigger wallets).
  2. The USB port is a standard B plug, meaning that it's at the peripheral end of the USB connection. I think that this means no, you won't be able to charge a device from it. My guess is that the plan is to connect the Amplifi to a computer. This would allow tone editing from a mac or pc. I expect they'll release an android app soon enough. I hope they also be planning to implement audio-over-usb, so the Amplifi could be used as an audio interface (and monitor). That would be very cool.
  3. For those who have one, how good is the sound quality on the iLoud? I tested a Yamaha THR 10 in my local guitar shop next to an Amplifi 75 and there was no competition for sound quality just used as phone/laptop speakers (THR 10 lacking in bass punch or detail, too mid-rangey). Downside is I'm looking for the kind of desk-top form factor that the THR10 / iLoud has, but just not confident that you can get really great sounds from a unit that small. Other option would be a pair of studio monitors, but just too much hassle to set up. Obviously, an Amplifi 50 would be ideal...
  4. Would love to see it used to sync with Pod Farm, especially if this enabled a dual channel feature. Also, if it were a decent quality USB audio interface would be amazing. Doubt it at that price though.
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