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  1. Either I completely missed the announcement or Line 6 doesn't love me but I never saw anything about 2.82. Well, it's done now & have updated my Helix & HX Stomp.
  2. This was my first firmware update (only got my Helix in April) and it was smooth as silk. Like the new amp models (especially the Revv) very much. Also was happy to see the firmware update happened showing Line 6 hasn't abandoned the Helix (unlike Fractal and the AX8).
  3. Ah, good point. Looks like I'll have to wait until Line 6 makes a section for it then. Another plus is they made the amp/cab combo be only 1 block. Enjoying the hell out of the HX Stomp. I had gotten the Headrush Gigboard & while the display was very nice with the touchscreen, I just wasn't happy with the effect models so I returned it and exchanged for the HX Stomp.
  4. Curious if the presets from previous Helix models would work on the HX Stomp. I would imagine so but even tho I've registered my new HX Stomp, it's not letting me download from the CustomTone area nor was the pedal showing up in HX Edit for me. It did for the Line 6 updater. I'm enjoying the pedal so far. Easy to dial in tones & sounds great. Surprised how hot the pedal gets. Not overwhelming burning hot but still was surprised.
  5. Have mine ordered. I bought the Headrush Gigboard day announced, the HX Stomp gets announced 3 days later, I tried the Headrush & just don't dig it so brought it back.
  6. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I've been playing guitar for thirty years & this is by no means my first rodeo with multi effect units. I loved my Boss GT-10 & it was for that reason I went with the GT-100 when deciding which to get between than and the 500X. I can say without shame that I made the wrong decision. I was content with my single pedals setup but since the opportunity arose (and as stated, own a Vetta II with the two pedal longboard) I jumped into the Line 6 pool.
  7. Well, he's leaving but I'm just starting. Had a ton of Amazon credit & nothing really to get after I bought a EHX Super Pulsar so owning & being a fan of my old Vetta II, I decided to take the leap & pick up the 500X. I'll have it Wednesday so after a day or two of futzing around with it, I'll let ya know what I think.
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