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  1. Hi guys! Anyone knows if variax 500 works with helix? Am thinking to buy one variax 500 second handed
  2. Guys anyone knows how can I I change an Ableton scene with and helix preset? Scene 1 > helix preset 1 Scene 2 > Helix preset 2 for example I want tho change scenes with presets
  3. Hi guys! Am wondering how it's posible configure the banks helix with ableton, example, if a choose one of my Banks he plays one bank on ableton I don't know how to do it, only works when I open the bank to stomp mode, and I want to setup the bank of helix with one scene in ableton, I don't know if I'd explained myself
  4. Hi guys! You were right! It works using the block in the same place an configure
  5. I didn't check anything yet, I'll do it tomorrow but these helps a lot! Thanks again! Tomorrow I'll let you know how it goes!
  6. Interesting, I didn't try that opción
  7. Hi! Any ones knows how to keep one loop from a patch and change the preset to other one without stoping or losing the first patch loop made.
  8. Hi guys! Am recently got an Helix unit, after been using for 5 years the hd500 I decided to update, but I found a few diferents things and one it's the looper, I don't know hi to configure the looper to keep looping between different presets as I used to do with hd500, usually I do weird effects for background and then a change to other presets for other clean wierdo effects.... if someone can help me I'll appreciate, the loops stop right in the moment I swamp presets
  9. Hi guys am having trouble to installin or updating with MONKEY, i recently install it in my laptop again and its not working, i installed the driver manually but.... seems to not work
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