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  1. Suddenly pod farm 2.57 is saying that its not authorized/no license. Also, when I plug in my POD GX it doesn't seem to register with my system and does not appear in file manager. The red light turns on for about 10 secs then turns off. I run license manger and the gx is authorized but pod farm is not on the list. Should it be? I've never had to run the license manager before. Both these problems seemed to arise after the latest major windows update. I'm kinda a noob at all this and I'm sure the solution is pretty obvious...my friend set it all up for me and i would just use the gx/pod farm to practice and mess with tones without any problems ...until recently. I'm assuming the gx isn't working because pod farm "isn't authorized"? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi there, so when I plug in my bass to my LD 15 and turn on the amp it just produces this really loud, horrible noise. The best I can describe it is its very loud, continuous, and has lots of both treble and bass. Its like the sound that's made when you plug a cable running from an amp into an instrument when the amp is already turned on, only much louder and continuous. When the volume is all the way down this doesn't happen but the sound gets exponentially louder as the volume is only slightly turned up. Any assistance please? Thank you
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