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  1. All was good then I decided to update to 2.6 from last version. All went well, adjusted verbs as needed via the Helix floor unit. The next day went to use editor and the IR column shows all as empty, although the floor unit still has all of them as it should. Editor will import from laptop, but will not highlight or load them. Any ideas???? I tried to back up the ir's from a date before the update, says it's successful, but no dice still an empty list.
  2. Any tips or tricks? Looks like just solder on both sides holds the pins in place? Or am I missing something? I haven't started disassembly yet, nor is the replacement in my hands as of yet. Thanks!
  3. I have this same problem once in a great while. It seems to be venue specific. All RF1, no wifi near receivers (that I can see or know about). Changing channels makes no difference. Always within 10 - 15' line of site.
  4. Soooo I have a pretty good pile 'o the V70 and 75's now, and they are slowly becoming in need of repair. FACT - mics get dropped 1. Can I stick v75 pcb's in v70 (or even a v35 with the change of the window bezel)? Would be nice to keep one part in stock for the different variations/generations. 2. When you order a battery pack, does it include the small pcb that goes in there? I know now what NOT to do when someone hands you the mic and the battery pack just spins! 3. Any tips on removing/replacing the ribbon cable? 4. Any other things I might want/need to know about tearing these apart to keep them running? Thanks in advance!
  5. Is it ever going to happen?????? I would buy them RIGHT NOW if they were available!
  6. "Early G30's did not have a mic preamp and will not accept a mic input. What is the serial number of your transmitter?" I found in another thread posted by you. Is this accurate? My serial # is long worn off my transmitter. I'd guess two years old or more? Receiver is # r6r0m6o42o2o251 if that helps. I also see two different part numbers for the v30L body pack and G30, 98-033-0008 and 98-033-0001 respectively. And could swear reading something about eq'ing applied to the V30L?
  7. Or is the "gain" totally different between the two? Looking for a system that can pull double duty (not at the same time of course!).
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