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  1. Hi all, First, Line6 support told me they don't sell parts. Need to send the head to authorized center. mtreehugger, this is what happen. No sound at all, even changing voices, no hum no buzz. Only this odd scream like a pig when turn the amp off (sandby or not standby). I live in French Guiana (french territory in south america). I purchased this head from Thomann.de more than 3 years ago. The head is not under warranty anymore. If I send the head to France or Germany, the fret cost will be around 450 or 500 euros to send it and support send it back to me. I'll have to pay for repair too. So, it's not a good business to spend all this money when a new head will cost around 750 euros. If I have to buy a new amp, I'll not go with Line6 anymore. I already had issue with my HD500 (it was not recognizing the DT25 when I purchased it) but it was actually under warranty. My DT25 is not working for several months.
  2. Hello, Seems very difficult to find replacement parts for my DT25, especially the power transformer. I can't send my amp to an authorized repair shop; it's too expensive and will cost more than a new amp! I guess if someone here is selling parts of his DT25? Thank you
  3. Sending it to an authorized repair center will cost me nearly the price of a new head... It's not possible to find parts on the internet? :unsure:
  4. Hi guys, my DT25 doesn't work for a while. No repair shop near where I live and to much expensive to send it for repair in Europe or US. Well, there is no sound from it and when I power off the amp (standby on or off) there is a loud whistle. Apparently, both fuses are fine and tubes too. I'm thinking about a transformer and/or capacitor issue. Someone can try to help me figure out the issue? If I can't get it working soon, I'll have to sell it for parts. Here is a video showing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdaK_AC-1Oo
  5. Thanks guys! I received the answer to my ticket today: "contact your point of purchase or your local distributor to get the amp repaired". I was hoping for support...
  6. Thanks a lot man! Are they the JJ's tubes people talk about on the forum?
  7. Yep, looks good indeed. I'm waiting for an answer from Line6 support to see what they think about the problem with the amp. Well, I think my DT25 needs new tubes. Better change all of them. Do you know what are the tube ref. and where we can purchase? This is how my amp tubes look Thanks a lot guys. I need to learn all kind of things because I don't know anything about amp!! :mellow:
  8. The fuse on my DT25 seems to be fine guys... What do you think?
  9. Thanks guy for your advices! Are these fuses the ones I have to buy? http://www.ebay.com/itm/LOT-4-MDL-3-8-MDL3-8-BUSS-BUSSMANN-FUSES-250V-1-4-x-1-1-4/400722221000?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140602152332%26meid%3D48b675ffe6404d59937859c0a4053f92%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D400200784895
  10. Thx Brazzy, Mouser is a good website however, it's $100,00 shipping cost to receive JUST ONE fuse in French Guiana where I live. It's totally INSANE! :blink: I will search on Ebay... I forgot to mention that all three tube seem to be working, they are on. I opened a ticket and wait for support.
  11. I always turn stanby off first too but not for the video, so everyone can hear clearly this odd sound when I turn off the amp. What kind of fuse I need to try to replace? Do you guys have a link where to buy one so I can make a test?
  12. Hello, I'm having a problem with my DT25, no sound anymore using front end plugin or L6 link with POD HD500. Already reinstalled the latest firmware but no luck... However, there is an odd sound when I turn it off. Please see the video to understand better the problem. Would I need to send it for repair? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdaK_AC-1Oo Thanks for your help
  13. I will try with amp in safe mode :/
  14. I'm having the exact same issue here. Using M-Audio Uno, inculding with the latest version of driver, I'm using a Mac 10.9.2 and the latest Monkey Tried to install a downloaded version of the firmware too, but still didn't work. Note that monkey can't determine the current firmware version installed on my DT25 What can I do now?
  15. If we use the Stage Source Speaker instead the DT25, will we have less diference?
  16. Yep, this is what I want to avoid man, I just want to create my patches only once. :(
  17. Do you guys know if this problem would be solved if using a Stage Source Speacker instead the DT25?
  18. Hi TheRealZap, When I use the POD only with the computer I'm not in combo mode and the DT amp indeed switch it automatically. Do I have to use only preamp models for the DT and not amps? Thx
  19. Hello guys, Well, as a lot of people owning a HD500 and DT25, the problem I'm facing is that to have a good sound using only the POD into my computer but when I use the POD with my DT25, all patches sound totally different... too bad, without consistency. It's a nightmare for me to create patches during hours on the HD500, achieve a good result, then when I want to play with my DT25, all my work sound crap. When I bought the DT25 to use with my POD, I never thought that I will have a result as much different... I really need your help to understand WHY the patches don't sound the same (Yes, my POD in conected correctly to the DT25), and how I can reproduce the sound created for direct output when I use the DT25. Maybe I'm missing some important information and/or my knowledge is not enough to understand what I have to do. I'm just tied of this fact and need serious advices. Thx
  20. I use the Big Muff (clone of the Ram's Head) always in the loop and sometimes the flanger in the loop too :) Nice, share it with us when it will be done! ;)
  21. @radatats Your pedalboard is interesting. Conectors are indeed totally protected. Isn't it too heavy? @sixstringsling yeah, it's my little paradise :lol: The HD and DT25 are great
  22. Hi guys, This the pedalboard I recently made for my HD500 and some pedals I always use :)
  23. Not yet because it doesn't have the phase and flanger in it and because I think it works pretty fine for the EVH humbucker, really not sure with other kind of humbucker... The EVH stripped is really good to find the EVH tone.
  24. Thanks for the video sixstringsling. I never saw it before. The result is really good, just it's too crunch in the "clean" part of the music but it's a really good patch :)
  25. Hi Line6 friends, I created this EVH tone and would like your opinion and/or advice. The Phase and Flanger are NOT provided by the HD500. I used the MXR EVH Phase 90 and flanger just after the guitar. It was not possible to use the Phase and Flanger of the HD500 because the DSP limit. I used 2 amps (Mesa Boogie and Soldano Crunch), reverb, delay, EQ and Noise gate. I don't know if it deserves to be posted on the customtone.
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