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  1. I'm wondering if there are some best practices for using the looper for patch tweaking, or if it's even possible.
  2. It has trouble reading the low B on my 7 string guitar. I wonder if it has to do with the tension on your strings. You know, like a floppy B compared to a tight B. I suppose the pickups might make a difference as well. Some are better at handling lower tones.
  3. The HD500 has a ground lift switch?
  4. I have the same problem with my desktop. Mic trim doesn't fix it for me. I have noticed that I don't have the hum problem when connected to the laptop running on battery power. Seems like it would be a grounding issue. The desktop is plugged into one power strip into an outlet, the HD500 and amp are plugged into another power strip at a different outlet. I guess i'll look into the comment about the computer seeing the HD500 as an audio interface, which i'm pretty sure it is since that is how I had to set it up to record and playback from the computer, only I didn't have the amp in the loop when doing that. I hooked the computer speakers right to the HD500. The hum is like when you have your amp running and don't have a guitar plugged in, touch the tip of the cable and that's the hum I hear.
  5. I run my HD500 into the effects loop of my Trademark 10. I think it sounds good. Mine has the Tech21 speaker. From what I've read, that is the speaker you want instead of the 70/80 Celestion.
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