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  1. It wasn't a grounding issue. Tested it tonight the buzzing is induced by the guitar. It's picking up EMI from one of the hundred different things around it. Would shielding mu guitars help the problem? What about a device called ebtech hum eliminator?
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll try a few things. If I get it solved I'll let you all know.
  3. I have humbuckers in both my LP and PRS 24. I do still think the bright stage lights have something to do with it. I think they're on a dimmer and after a few Google searches I read that dimmers can really mess with your sound. Would shielding your guitar or POD be an option that could work? Can you even shield your POD?
  4. That could be possible. I usually have a noise gate on and set pretty high to compensate for the amount of noise. So when I touch the strings it fizzy down pretty quietly. But you can still here the buzzing when I play. I appreciate the help. I have two guitars and I've tried both and same thing happens. I've had both guitars setup and new pups put in by two different but reputable guitar techs. I would hope they took grounding into consideration. I have enough on my plate with learning all the songs, I can't be a guitar tech too, lol.
  5. Thanks I'll have to give it a try. Is there any info on how to do what you suggest?
  6. I'm a musician at church using the pod hd 500. I get a harsh buzzing sound from it. It gets worse when I put a little dirt on it and really bad when I through on the boost. I switched input 1 to guitar and input 2 to variax instead of same. That helped some. It seems to be made worse when maim lights get turned on. Also when I touch any metal part of the pedal the noise is reduced dramatically. Any suggestions to what the problem could be?
  7. Does anyone no how to make a decent patch with both a clean and distortion sound in it. for instance, instead of switching from 1A to 1B, I can just stay on 1A with a clean sound, and flip on the overdrive as needed. I can't seem to get the distortion pedals to make a decent sound
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