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  1. Hey Blgband! It's been a while since you posted this. I'm looking to get a GP10 to go attach to my Variax Standard. Are you still using yours? How are the GP10's acoustic guitar emulations vs. the Variax? Any tips/tricks?
  2. I think pretty much everyone agrees that the acoustic sounds on the Variax are crap. Any chance of Line 6 updating these? Maybe even modelling an acoustic with a piezo pickup?
  3. Thanks again, Kilrahi. You just saved me from wasting 30 bucks. :)
  4. Is there a way to send two signals from the Firehawk FX at the same time, a clean one on the left channel and one with effects/amp simulation on the right? My computer interface has multiple guitar inputs. Using Reaper, I'd like to be able to record a guitar part with the Firehawk simulation on one channel and a software amp sim (like PodFarm or Amplitube) on the other. It would save me from having to get an ABY switch.
  5. I just got my Firehawk FX and I'm volume matching all the presets now. My process seems to working pretty well. I'm running the Firehawk into my computer for recording in Reaper. The goal here is to get all the presets to a volume of -18db in Reaper. I have the main volume knob (the big knob) on the Firehawk at 25%. My guitar's volume knob is all the way up. Here's my process: Each time I click on a new preset, I raise the volume pedal and lower it again so I'm sure I'm at full volume. You have to do this each time you go to a new preset. After that I look at my signal chain on the Firehawk app to see which block comes last in the chain -- the Volume or the Amp/Cab. I open whichever one is last and lower that volume until Reaper reads -18db. If it's the amp/cab, I lower the Volume setting, not the Master setting as changing the Master setting changes the tone. Once I'm at -18db, I hold the preset footswitch down for a few seconds until the preset name starts blinking, then I hold the footswitch down again for a few seconds to save my changes. When it stops blinking, it is saved. That's it. It's tedious, but it works and it preserves the original tone/sound. At least now my ears won't get blown off every time I switch from a quiet or clean tone to something heavy. I hope this helps someone. Rock on. Sandy
  6. I just purchased the Firehawk FX and I want to add another expression pedal. I've found one on Sweetwater that's $30 by a company called Nektar. The description says the pedal has a TRS type cable. Is that the type I need for the Firehawk?
  7. For those like me who record on a DAW, the Maserati ACG plug-in by Waves sounds great with the Variax acoustic models. I tried the presets with all the acoustic models -- some sucked and some were ok. But several of them really made the acoustic models shine! It's pretty cheap ($29) and simple to use. Hope this helps. Sandy
  8. I love my Variax, but I've been underwhelmed by the acoustic models. The large body models sound too boomy to me, and I get a lot of unwanted string noise from them. I just ordered a Firehawk FX hoping that the acoustic presets will help (and for many other reasons). In the meantime, I did find a plug-in that makes the Variax acoustic models sound unbelievably AWESOME! It's by Waves (sorry Line 6) and it's called Maserati ACG. It's a mixing/mastering plug-in designed specifically for the acoustic guitar. It's basically several effects like EQ, compressors, reverb -- all rolled into one package. I haven't gotten to mess with it too much. I did go through all the presets though with the different acoustic models. As usual, some weren't too good, some were ok, and several were awesome. But the ones that were awesome were truly AWESOME! The acoustics really shine running through them. It was $29 and well worth the price I think. Of course, it tethers you to your DAW (another reason for my getting the Firehawk). If anyone knows of another plug-in that sounds good with the Variax acoustic models, please post it here. And also any tips on getting a better sound from the twelve strings. They sound a little digital to my ears, especially on the lower strings.
  9. Thanks for the info, Kilrahi. It was very helpful.
  10. I love my Variax Standard, but I've been underwhelmed by the acoustic models. From what I've read online, you really need an acoustic amp for these to shine, which I don't have. I saw the Firehawk FX has an acoustic amp model specifically designed for to use with the Variax models. Has anyone used this? If so, do the acoustic models sound better through it? This is the only acoustic amp sim I have been able to find. Also, is it still worth it to get the Firehawk FX? I like the functionality of the Firehawk FX and that you can control the settings with an app as opposed to being locked in front of my computer. But is Line 6 phasing them out? I don't want to buy something that's already obsolete and in danger of losing support. Of course, I'd get the Helix in a heartbeat, but at 5 times the price it's WAY out of my budget. Sweetwater has 48 months interest free financing on these for the next two days, so I'm kind of under the gun to make a decision. Any info you guys can give is most appreciated. Thanks, and rock on! Sandy
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