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  1. Hey guys, just wondering for all you out there using Lincolns patches for a hd500 or 500x, are you supposed to use his main patch ans swell patch on pedal board mode? or preset mode?
  2. Just a question for you guys using the LB patches...he has a main patch and a swell patch, are we supposed to be using his patches in preset mode? or Pedal Board mode??
  3. Specifically if u watch this video and fast fprward to 5:03 you will hear what i wanna try and accomplish on my x3 live, i think he's using an hd500 or 500x though.
  4. Thats what i read yes, but i cant seem to find the path to activate it....does anyone know the button path to check for it?
  5. Interesting, okay so if i install pod farm 1, i have gearbox yes....how do i add the "power pack" tone package on line 6's website? Like i said im trying to get that Auto Swell effect onto my x3 live? So do i download the pack...load it into gear box and then save it to my x3 live? The end result I wish for is to have a patch with the auto swell effect.
  6. Is Pod Farm 2.5 compatible with X3 Live??? I want to load an auto Swell effect into the x3 live using pod farm, both cost money...so i wanna know if that can be done b4 i do it and spend money. Thanks guys!
  7. that was it!!! thanks man!!!
  8. Hey everyone, I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's patches off his site...but im having a hard time with them, sometimes they download with 2 tones, and other times, its only one, i seem to get a variety of sounds depending how i download them...not sure which one is the TRUE tone...im thinking it has to do with the flash ware version as well, anyone familiar with using his patches who might be able to help me?
  9. Hey guys, i have a brand new X3 live, been using it for a month now, unfortunately, after i tried updating some patches from the line 6 site, ALL of my patches now have this horrible slap back type delay on it...i can turn the delay off and on with the button on the x3 live, it shows it turning off and on....but it doesn't change the setting. if i mute then tap my strings. The sound echos back, and i can change its echo speed with the TAP button on the x3, but I cant shut it off, and its like that on ALL of my patches... Ive: Updates the flash twice reset all presets back to factory Reloaded a bundle when i had it working correctly Nothing seems to get rid of this ANNOYING echo, its totally messing with my sounds...Can anyone help or have you had this yourself? Adam
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