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  1. toneo2001

    The perfect crunch

    I like that religious song! The crunch is just about perfect!!
  2. Thanks hurghanico, that info is helpful!
  3. toneo2001

    Ideascale - Worth The Time?

    Clipping indicator is a great Idea!!
  4. toneo2001

    Customtone Issue

    I also suffer from "CTD" but sometimes as a songwriter a different sound tweaks the creative juices and provokes something nice. It can be time consuming though if you don't discipline yourself!!
  5. toneo2001

    Customtone Issue

    I have been using Customtone for the last 3 years and honestly there was never 50,000 patches for the HD500.... That means there would have been thousands of pages. When I first bought my HD500 there were about 40 pages of patches. I watched as that number grew to 500 when I bought my HD500X. I always eagerly waited as new patches would show up, but now it looks like they are organized alphabetically which kind of stinks imho.....
  6. toneo2001

    Epic New Amp Arguing Thread, Party Like It's 2010

    I Agree, a dedicated Acoustic Amp would be great!!
  7. For me it would have to be a good equalizer pedal , I love the delays and echos and being able to stack them, for me this is definitely a strong point, The EQ's are the weakest link imho...
  8. toneo2001

    Favorite Hd Models?

    Bassman -cleans AC30- clean delays PHD- Crunch Soldano- crunch
  9. toneo2001

    Customtone Issue

    I've got 530 some pages Hd500 patches...
  10. toneo2001

    Troubles Going Direct Hd500x

    Thanks for your suggestions... it sounds like I need to build patches at church. I will try LB's patches. Thanks again!
  11. toneo2001

    Troubles Going Direct Hd500x

    Hello, this week I tried my new HD500X at church. In practice I first tried XLR out with "Amp" setting. I Had to turn the gain way up on the soundboard and still I had lots of distortion on the cleanest tones. I then tried every setting I could and it still sounded bad. The only way I finally got a useable sound was to go 1/4" out to a DI box with buttons out (0 db attenuation) with output set to Line, Even then the sound was tinny and too bright... I am playing a Strat with Lollar "Blackface" pickups. Any advise?? Thanks!
  12. toneo2001

    Hd500x Questions..

    I just tried going xlr out to the sound board at my church and I got a lot of distortion.... I tried Pad, line vs amp and it was all nasty sounding until..... I went 1/4" out to DI box with no attenuation and finally got a signal that was usable... I would have a di box on hand if I were you...