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  1. I like that religious song! The crunch is just about perfect!!
  2. Clipping indicator is a great Idea!!
  3. I also suffer from "CTD" but sometimes as a songwriter a different sound tweaks the creative juices and provokes something nice. It can be time consuming though if you don't discipline yourself!!
  4. I have been using Customtone for the last 3 years and honestly there was never 50,000 patches for the HD500.... That means there would have been thousands of pages. When I first bought my HD500 there were about 40 pages of patches. I watched as that number grew to 500 when I bought my HD500X. I always eagerly waited as new patches would show up, but now it looks like they are organized alphabetically which kind of stinks imho.....
  5. I Agree, a dedicated Acoustic Amp would be great!!
  6. For me it would have to be a good equalizer pedal , I love the delays and echos and being able to stack them, for me this is definitely a strong point, The EQ's are the weakest link imho...
  7. Bassman -cleans AC30- clean delays PHD- Crunch Soldano- crunch
  8. I've got 530 some pages Hd500 patches...
  9. Thanks for your suggestions... it sounds like I need to build patches at church. I will try LB's patches. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, this week I tried my new HD500X at church. In practice I first tried XLR out with "Amp" setting. I Had to turn the gain way up on the soundboard and still I had lots of distortion on the cleanest tones. I then tried every setting I could and it still sounded bad. The only way I finally got a useable sound was to go 1/4" out to a DI box with buttons out (0 db attenuation) with output set to Line, Even then the sound was tinny and too bright... I am playing a Strat with Lollar "Blackface" pickups. Any advise?? Thanks!
  11. I just tried going xlr out to the sound board at my church and I got a lot of distortion.... I tried Pad, line vs amp and it was all nasty sounding until..... I went 1/4" out to DI box with no attenuation and finally got a signal that was usable... I would have a di box on hand if I were you...
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