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  1. Ok, It's mechanical, how can I fix it ? Damp the springs in the Trem and damp the strings above the nut : no works. Have to remove the dust of the bridge ? Currently on my guitar, every drop have a very important cross talk on the A string. @cruisinon2 : I want (hope) a body strat fonctionnal : it's wrong ?
  2. same problem after string replacement. I think something 's moving. For now the drop D is unusable. Besides, it would be an update will solve small problems from version 2.1 without change everything as in version 2.0
  3. I did not know it was so sensitive. Never, I would change the strings. Maybe the solution is to change the tailpiece with piezo pickups ... and all the rest .. In the end, it's not up to me to provide a solution. Line6 should redesign his guitar ... Je ne savais pas que c'était aussi sensible. Jamais, je n'aurais du changer les cordes. Peut être que la solution c'est de changer le cordier avec les micros piezo... et tutti quanti.. Au final, ce n'est pas à moi d'apporter une solution. Line6 devrait revoir la conception de sa guitare...
  4. I returned to 1.9 to see if the problem was still there. The problem exists but it is less audible because it's messy. So I reinstalled version 2.1 and the problem persists on ghost notes of A string, and looking more closely at the D string is also assigned a less audible and less troublesome. I think it is a bug. I really hope that the next update to resolve this problem because the guitar is not usable DROP D (via alt-tuning). Je suis repassé en 1.9 pour voir si le problème était toujours là . Le problème existe mais c'est moins audible car c'est plus brouillon. Donc, j'ai réinstallé la version 2.1 et le problème subsiste sur les ghost notes de la corde de A, et en regardant de plus prés la corde de D est aussi affectée façon moins audible et moins gênante. Je pense que c'est un bug. J'espère vraiment que la prochaine mise à jour résolve ce problème, car la guitare n'est pas utilisable en DROP D (via le alt-tunning).
  5. I made less string tour around the mechanics, but the problem is still present. These guitars are full of surprises ... When will the next update that will fix the lollipoping problem?
  6. Hello, I also have a problem when I use the ALT tunning . When I use the drop D or A , it affects the lower chord ( A). There is a note in addition to ghost notes the string and make it sound false and gruesome . In short it became completely unusable. It's very weird , the sound of the string in drop D for example is not affected by this problem . I flashed recently (2.1 to 2.0) same problem , and 2.0 to 2.1, no improvement. I also changed the strings and I do not recall if the problem was already present. I will try to reduce the number of turns on the turn knob and see the result but I'm skeptical because everyone changes the strings and there would be more of reporting this problem. By cons if that's crap for professional musicians. I also saw a decline in volume on the E string hight ( may be it is subjective ) Is that the piezo sensors would shake ? Should we must replace you 're installed tuning machine by locking tuners ? I have a JTV89 , and it's not easy to change the strings with the type of tailpiece installed Have a good year.
  7. ok, I understand. It is repaired and it works well. thank you
  8. hello, I have to push in the button to use the models. I think it's a mechanical problem, because the electronics work properly. I do not understand your explanation. I guess you have to remove the plastic then insert something to keep it in place and causes the mechanical part?
  9. Hello, I have a ticket to open it for the consideration about the breakdown of the button of selection of the models. At the closing I have to send it to Belgium for repair or more than 2000 km of home. The guitar being no longer under guarantee (2 years and half) the cost should raise at: 200 euros of transportation confidently 50 euros of material spare 4 hour of installation .... or 200 euros (it is my assessment.) Is in total 450 euros (for a button!). Knowing that the guitar cost 1000 euros for me, the cost of the repair is exhorbitant. At the closing I consider to make the repair self same. I have find equipment at http://www.fullcompass.com/product/473145.html. I would like to have some advices from persons who would have already taken apart JTV. In the passage about that to think of such a product unusable by the mistake of a rotten contacteur? Not really a material of professional ... What unreliability ... so many on the guitar and the electronic (soft and hard.) It what is on, it is than I would not repurchase another guitar of this type. Cordially
  10. I have the same problem but with the button of selection of the models ectronique operates, workbend also I opened a ticket but I have to send it in repair.... but there does not have of healing in my country! Not being this tipped breakdown of 2 years in moderate use funny. Accessories of lollipop . :wub:
  11. Try it: Unplug all wire (USB and quoted variax) Installe Workbench (so that the driver tyler either re- installed.) VERY VERY IMPORTANT : - Unplug the battery of the JTV. You have to take the battery out so that the bad configuration be not stored at the time of every endeavor of updating - The battery has to be loaded entirely At The Time Of every updating of firmware. Ciao
  12. azur1964 - how did you increase the volume of the high E by 6db ? In Workbench HD, I can only see options for reducing volumes at both global and individual strings at the model level. I know you can increase the output of the entire pickup and also the output of the model patch, so did you just increase the pickup output and then go back and reduce the E,A,D,G string volumes so that the end result was that the B and E were 6db louder than before? If that is how you achieved the fix, how much lower did you need to set the E,A,D,G strings ? And di you need to set GLOBAL string volumes differently as well - and if so by how much? you understand. Initially all the strings are 100%. After you adjusts the volume of the other strings still individually by comparing the result with the magnetic pickup. For example : e 100%, B 90%, G 90% D 60% 40% E and 40% so far ... This is a method to restore the sound balance between the strings and the result will depend on your ears :D If someone has a better method, I'm interested. I'll try to post the preset on vguitar soon. Duck à l'orange too :lol:
  13. edstar1960 " we just need to work out why for a small number of people something goes wrong and produces this issue, on just the high E and B." - C'est mon cas. Mais ce n'est pas forcement un problème de capteur piezo. C'est la modélisation du corp de la guitare qui produit cet effet. C'est sensible avec la simulation de la strat et d'une telecaster. Quand on prend la simulation d'une masonite ou d'une autre guitare, ce problème est beaucoup moins important. Some users have reported that the problem resolved itself after they had reflashed - I don't understand why that should be, and I can't see why it would make any difference - - Je ne vois pas comment cela serait possible... Ce problème n'était pas général dans la version 1.9, mais très important dans la version 2.0 sur les 3 cordes hautes !!! Pour régler le niveau des cordes on peut procéder de cette façon : - Régler le niveau de la corde E haute de manière à ce qu'elle sonne aussi fort que lorsque on utilise le micro magnétique. Le niveau général sera élevé (6 db par exemple) - Régler le volume des autres cordes de la même manière, les unes après les autres. Donc le truc c'est de se repérer par rapport aux micros magnétiques qui sont supposés être équilibrés. Bien sur si on règle les cordes sur un micro simple, il faudra se baser sur un micros simple magnétique... C'est ce que j'ai fait pour la position Spank-4 et le résultat est bien meilleur, car l'equilibre des volumes permet de retrouver le coté "spanky" de la strat.... Saluts.
  14. I charged the battery fully and redid the upgrade. it worked without problem. It seems to me that the problem of noise strings is less present. Thank you line6, we almost expect. :P
  15. Hello everyone C'est la merde : "There was an error communicating with your device. If it is a USB device, try disconnecting then reconnecting the USB cable. Error: (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response." Et le pire : - Les led s'allument en bleu, vert ... - Plus de son - Impossible d'installer les anciens firmwares. -----> JT89 Hors Service. Thank line6 Have a good day.
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