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  1. Doesn’t it have also 2 mid driver and 2 tweeter inside ?
  2. thank you,i sent a ticket request,lets see what the guys say :)
  3. hello guys,i have my lt since oct 2018,never used it on the floor since i was not playing out anymore in the last years :( now i'm back playing live with some friends in what i call "the dad's band :DDDD" but unfortunately,after 2/3 rehharsal,my expression pedal started to go mechanically weird...it became hard to move,doesnt do all the sweep and seem that something "bends"when i use it,i've read on the forums that its a pretty common thing that happens on the helix lt,how can i solve this guys? can you help me somehow? many thanks Christian
  4. I have the same problem,I also have an lt and being able to select usb1/2 as my output,I solved the problem...thus isn’t possible on the stomp unfortunately ,and I don’t know why...
  5. i cant find them anymore,anyone knows why?
  6. things are getting weirder here,i’ve connected my helix to the Mac,downloaded all the stuff needed,updated to 2.82 then connected the variax to the helix,this way I’ve been able to use workbench he witouth any problem,via helix both monkey and workbench sees it as a standard as it should be,but still monkey gives that 80009000 error even if now,at least workbench hd works . Line 6 told me to go to an autorized service for warranty repair since in their (and mine opinion ) this is an hardware fault,the problem is that the nearest service is 3 hour drive from me..they say I can ship but have to pay the shipping cost back and forth wich is around 60/65 eur plus the risks of having it damaged by the courier ...
  7. Guys,does the helix work as a vdi interface for the standard ?
  8. Wow!this is some serious advice ,gonna try !
  9. Dunno what to do beside waiting for the guy to answer my ticket
  10. Btw Even the Mac sometime see it as a jtv sometime as a standard
  11. d’inno,Maybe the board is just faulty as you said in your post ?
  12. Btw I tried also with my Mac and it recognized it as a standard but the 80009000 remained :(
  13. And brand new if I can say :) there’s not a single scratch
  14. Yes,I got it from a guy wich bought It new 10 months ago,he said he never tried to hooked it up and always played as it was
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