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  1. Seven years ago I bought my Spider IV HD 150. It cam bundled with this Spider 4x12 Cab I have just purchased a Spider V 240HC, and figured, why not just swap heads and keep the Cab, rather than go buy the Line 6 Spider V 412 After looking over the two, there seems to be nothing different between them, even their specs seem about the same.: The Inputs on the back are identical 4 ohm mono/8ohm stereo ports that do 150 watts per side. Both boast 4, 12 inch custom made Celestion speakers, Both claim to be 4x12 320 Watt Cabs.. In their Specs they are virtually identical. So what is the difference aside from about 5 years of age? Are these basically the same cabinet? Is there any performance difference? Let me know.
  2. Bump... I'd be interested in buying a spider v head too, if it ever came out.
  3. So for about the last week I've been trying to find out why I can't edit the details (comments, pickup, band, etc) on the tones I've uploaded. The tech support guy, Will, was really attentive, no problem with him. The final answer I got was "The tones comments, band, etc need to be put in when the tone is uploaded. Once it online it can't be edited." This is all well and good except for the fact that there is no option to fill in these things when I upload the tone.. It just asks me for the file and then, boom it's uploaded. So we are at an impasse. What is the point of having those fields if you cannot even fill them out? And apparently this has been an ongoing "problem" (in quotes because it's been going on for at least 2 years and it has yet to be addressed). I'd be satisfied if it wasn't for the tell tell signs that others can enter in these comments and what not, using the same family of products. So.... what's the deal? I'm not really expecting an answer at this point. I'm just venting, I guess. It doesn't say much for a company, where you have the technical knowhow to make some kickin amps, but can't seem to figure out the simplicity of the world wide web. Even the pop-ups are screwy... Anyway, rant ended.
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