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  1. Yesterday I bought the M-audio uno usb midi converter. Really works with it. The 2.0 update was successfully installed. It works now. I just don't fully understand the amplifier topology that it handles. Do I have to set per amp preset what amplifier to use? That's weird with the Pod HD300, it was automatic.
  2. I've had enough. I've been waiting a lot of time for this update. And now I see it doesn't work for me. Someone suggested that my cable is not good. I bought a new one. Not good now. I supposed to upgrade the DT25 firmware, but it doesn't work with my USB-Midi converter. I spent a lot of time and no results. Now, I'm going to regret buying the Helix LT.
  3. Should I buy a similar device for an upgrade for $ 50?
  4. Mine is like that, but not M Audio. Wouldn't it work?
  5. I understand. But I don't have M audio. What to do?
  6. I tried to update the DT firmware with a USB-MIDI cable but failed. I don't understand why. I did everything according to the description.
  7. You misunderstood me. The sound goes through. The control does not pass.
  8. I'm over these. Sound is just not become a reinforcement type.
  9. The sound goes through just not becoming a reinforcing topology. The firmware of DT25 is good. So far I have used Pod HD 300 and it works perfectly.
  10. Does not work Helix LT with DT25 after 2.8 update. Still does not change the amplifier switches and pipe settings. Why?
  11. I didn't get smarter. I thought someone could do something specific.
  12. ezut

    Helix Lt firmware

    Thank you very much. It is very perfect.
  13. ezut

    Helix Lt firmware

    When we get a new firmware ?
  14. When it possible POD HD 300?
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