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  1. I have all of the drivers installed. I don't have satellite interent but I am using wifi and I have all of the firewalls turned off. as for hardware I have a toneport ux2 and a kb37.
  2. I have purchased a new computer solely for the purpose of recording. The line 6 gear box, pod farm, monkey and license manager are the first things I have installed. Every time I try to connect log in with the monkey or the license manager I keep getting error code 8000200b telling me I do not have a connection to the internet, though I clearly have a connection seeing as I am writing this post. If I do recall the line 6 monkey and license were extremely problematic on both of the other computers I previously had used the software with. It is a shame since the tones and gear sound so good. I am a loyal line 6 guy. I've even purchased all of the expansion packs.
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