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  1. SOLVED - for me anyways... http://line6.com/support/topic/22283-solved-for-me-android-amplifi-remote-app-in-windows-or-in-os/ TA
  2. In a word : TEAMVIEWER on Pc and teamviewer host on tablet. I have my tablet connected to Amplifi Amp in normal way, run Teamview on my laptop - as well as the teamviewer for samsung host app on the Tablet. Connect to tablet via PC and have screen sharing. This allows for any subtle editing I need on the tablet but using mouse etc. I have an FBV 3 for switching tones but for tweaking this works great... :-) Steve
  3. Thanks very much both. The factory reset worked a treat :-) Steve
  4. Hello peeps, Received my Amplifi 75 last night - set it up with an android tablet etc, and all works OK....but: There only seems to be 4 preset tones when I click on the Amplifi Nav item on the menu, all the rest are empty banks which I can create and save to. I updated to V2 of the firmaware that had been released - in order for android connectivity, again all good. I have read and heard ( on here : http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifi-products/ampl/amplifipresets ) that there should be 100 preset tones. Has anyone got any idea how to get these - would I have had to upgrade to 1.01 for this and were they not in V2 ? Also - is it not possible to import tones from previous applications like gearbox etc? Thanks Steve
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