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  1. Thanks for the link! I recently found that "Controls any footswitch function". Now, how do you program you POD HD 500 with de Voodoo? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks man! And you said that you can control both channels (clean/dist) and reverb? Thanks again...
  3. Hello everyone! I have this problem: I want to use the effects of my POD HD 500 and the distortion of my Fender Roc Pro 100 Head (with 1/4 footswitch). Whats the best solution to trigger and change the channels (clean, drive, boost, reverb) of my Fender amp through my POD and also activate POD FX? I saw some options, like MIDI RESOLUTION RELAY CONTROLLER or AMP GIZMO. Which is the best option? Someone has experience with this? How do you set up to configure POD + MIDI + AMP HEAD? Thanks a lot! Emi
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