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  1. Thanks Datacommando. I've been owning a full Helix since it first came out in 2015 which gives me a bit of knowledge about the unit. I also read the manual, that is why I am asking here. To better understand what I'm after, I'll provide some more details. I'm building a smaller/lighter amp + multifx rig and I need to have 6x presets (or snapshots) in a single bank. That is, I want to see 6x presets at the same time on each of the 6x footswitches so I don't have to scroll through banks while playing. According to the manual, it's possible to have 4x presets available and bank up/down. At the same time, 4x snapshots are available per each preset, which is the same situation as presets really. Command centre has nothing to do with this. My question is again: is there a way to have 6x presets or snapshots visible at the same time, instead of having 4x of them plus bank up/down? Or, if in stomp mode, is it possible to set up 6x snapshots?
  2. Hi everyone. I'm thinking of buying a HX Effects but I have a question about the number of footswitches that can be assigned to presets (not single effects in stomp mode). From what I can see in every video or review, there are 4x presets per each bank which correspond to 4x footswitches, plus 2x bank up and bank down (the remaining 2x are fixed for mode and tap/tuner). Is it possible to change the number of "visible" presets to 6x footswitches? Basically not having bank up/down but extra presets? Thanks in advance.
  3. That's weird, ok I'll try again in a new project, hopefully it works fine. Thanks for the help!
  4. Soundog's solution seems to be the only one that works; same amp module doubled on the two paths with different mics and hard panned. Still, I don't understand why using one amp and two cabs with the split path doesn't work. Maybe that option is not included in the software?
  5. As per title, I want to record the same take in two separate mono tracks using two different microphones (57 and 414). So I created a preset with an amp block, followed by a signal splitter and two stock cab blocks (Cali 4x12), one per each signal path. The outputs of the two paths, marked as DAW, are hard panned, one left and one right. In the DAW (Cubase Elements 10), Helix Native is positioned in the insert of the input channel, so I can record the effected sound. I also created two mono tracks, one with the input panned left and the other panned right. When I record a take, both the mono channels record the same sound, not the two different ones coming from the two cabs. Am I missing something? Is there any trick to make it work?
  6. Ok, I had a better look today and opened the unit as well (bottom lid and left side). The six controllers are rotary encoders soldered onto the display board and they are not loose at all, studs are just fine. "Issue" comes from the black plastic knobs that are slightly loose. I tried to remove one and see whether I could adjust tightness, however it seems they are glued on the studs. Since I don't want to break any of the controllers, I'll leave them as they are, in the end it's a very minor issue. Btw, I still think they can be better protected from accidental damage.
  7. Yeah I too considered that option, however the pedalboard version is just easier to carry than a two separate cases. However I still think those pots can be better protected, I'm considering to put some kind of thin aluminium bar between them and the footswitches. That should give enough protection.
  8. Hi all, I have been owning a Helix pedalboard for two years and played lots of gigs with it. While I am very happy with it, last night I noticed that a couple of the pots under the display were loose. Before opening the unit and see whether I can tighten them up, I would like to know if that is actually possible. Problem is that, while gigging, it is very easy to accidentally hit those pots with the foot. Luckily they still work, however Line 6 should consider some kind of protection to avoid that in the next Helix generation.
  9. Yes I did, all the presets were rebuilt. Btw I just reinstalled the 2.00.0 firmware through Line6 Updater, then I reloaded the complete bundle through the Helix Editor. Now the exp pedal seem to work properly in all the presets. Maybe something went wrong during the first update. Thanks for the reply Silverhead ;-)
  10. Hi all, I successfully updated my Helix to the new 2.00.0 firmware. All the presets were correctly restored, however the expression pedal (both exp1 and exp2) stopped working in all the presets. The only way to make them work is reassigning exp1 and exp2 to the correct parameters by using the "learn controller" option and saving again. After doing that, the exp pedal works properly... until I change preset, which causes the preset to lose the exp pedal settings. Exp2 is assigned to the volume position and is always on (global option), exp1 is assigned to the wah and I turn it on and off when I need it (preset option). I also deleted the volume block, but the whole unit freezes as soon as I select that block from the list again. At that point reboot is the only option. Exp pedal has been working perfectly with all the old firmware versions. Is there anything I can do to make it work properly?
  11. Ok, I was suspecting that. Is there any chance to see a Global Effects section in the next updates? That would be very useful ;)
  12. Hi everybody, Does anybody know whether there is a way to have "global effects" working with all the presets? I would like to set up one of the footswitches (or even an external one) to work as a "pitch shifter", so I can change from Drop D to Drop C at once in all the presets. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone! I have recently bought the Helix, now I'm going to order the G70 wireless pedal. My question: is it possible to power the G70 by using the Helix's USB socket and a "USB type B to micro USB" cable? Is there enough current to do that? Thanks for the help!
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