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  1. Is it even possible without a hardware (Touch Sensitive control) installed upgrade?
  2. So as to get rid of that ridiculous toe button that rarely works when you need it to!
  3. I understand and at least thank you for that answer!
  4. Just kidding don't mean to waste anyone's time but at least an answer would be appreciated by someone in the know
  5. Helllloooo....ooooooo...oooooo...ooooo is there anybody there..,,,,...thereeeee........,, thereeeeeeeror just me........meeeee……meeeeeee and this. Echoooooo.....echooooooooo......ehcooooooooo!
  6. Can this not be done in software like axe fx ii or even like g Sys with preset revert time off intervals and on when moved?
  7. Here's another idea to take from Fractal! How about global patch templates so if you change one element of a patch all patches will change. I create a patch or group of patches for each song (have hundreds of them). That to me is again much more important and useful than ten more amp models!
  8. Great point …they probably could've saved a few bucks on eliminating that toe switch alone
  9. At the beginning this was one of the most requested features I do believe. Has this been put on the back burner or will this make it in a near future firmware upgrade? This is something that will help all users across all amp and effect models, therefore I do believe it to be more important of an upgrade than to keep on adding more and more models. Does anyone else agree or not agree? With such great forethought behind this whole product and it's beautifully simple user interface, it is hard to believe that this request has been put behind more models apparently. Don't drop the ball here Line 6! Just my 2 cents! Thoughts anyone? N
  10. Instantaneous no gap whatsoever....this is the way you should do it.
  11. Yes I have a JVMHJS it's a piece of cake with a midi cable.....read the manual but basically set the channel you want and the way you want it with reverb, loop, etc. on the jvm front panel on a standard JVM, and double tap midi /footswitch button until it blinks quickly and then press the program you want on the Helix and it will be stored.
  12. Thanks Gary but I was thinking more along the lines of the Fractal where you can set slow,med or fast ins and outs. Or at lease a fixed auto engauge feature like the one on my Dunlop 95Q
  13. Will touch wah (Auto Engauge)be active in 1.04. I don't like the Toe Switch.....Sorry
  14. So it seems that unity gain is all the way up on the Master Volume which let me keepp send/rtn on the Helix at 0 and and my att. on the amp's adjustable loop way down....it made a huge difference ....Thx Dig_I
  15. Yes good question ...with my JVMHJS up the middle works best...still a bit hissy though.
  16. I have an JVMHJS that I'm using in 4CM. I'm just not quite sure if I have the send / Return levels of the Helix, main Helix volume level and Serial Loop Gain / Attenuator on the amp set correctly. Anyone got any advice on a good procedure for this? Thanks, Neil
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