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  1. I have reviewed your support ticket, and will respond to that ticket right now, but for the sake of the forum I wanted to reply to you on the forum. Are you sure that you are using a class 10 SD card? Can you possibly test another recording with a different class 10 SD card to see whether or not it is an issue with that specific SD card?
  2. The L6 Link connection on the StageScape M20d is a output and not an input,and it looks like the same can be said for your Roland. So the AES/EBU output on your Roland board would not sufficiently input to your StageScape. However, you could use the StageScape as a monitor mixer by creatively assigning your Roland inputs to your assignable outputs which then feed into your StageScape mixer. However, this is not necessarily the best setup because you wont have control over individual inputs if you have more inputs than you have assignable outputs on your Roland. For example, if you have 3 guitars plugged into your Roland, and you group them to the same assignable output and plug that assignable output into your M20d, you will be able to send all 3 guitars to a monitor on the M20d, but you would not be able to control the individual levels of those guitars in the monitors without controlling the 3 guitar inputs on your Roland mixer. I hope this is helpful.
  3. Hi Antonio, I completely understand your disappointment since it can be construed that the use of streaming to a computer means "as audio interface" and it works perfectly. The USB port can still be used for any streaming that does not require monitoring through the computer and we tried to keep our language clear by talking about streaming to computer. In this case, obviously it did not work so well. Otherwise, we would not have caused you the trouble you are mentioning. The M20d is primarily meant to be used as a live sound mixing console, and we are working to reduce latency when streaming. The fact that you ended up with no audio interface because you sold it relying on StageScape to replace it is of course a problem. I'd like to talk more about this with you, and, again, I apologize for the strife this has caused you. I will be reaching out to you shortly. Does the rest of the mixer meet your expectations? Jon
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