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  1. So if I'm purchasing a Focusrite for example I should use the external interface for the input signal (and can use the vst plugins as I'm doing today)? Correct? If I will upgrade, how much will it cost? Is it the full version only? ASIO-driver settings: Does it looks correct?
  2. Hi, how can I know if my pod farm 2/GX licence covers use of the plugins with a third party sound device eg. A Focusrite interface?
  3. ASIO driver for GX, is it available?

    Can I run my POD Farm 2 with interfaces from other manufacturersP


  4. Hi, I have problems with noise and scratches. I have a DAW; Mixcraft PRO 8 and are using an old Line 6 GX. Windows 10 and WaveRT. The supplier of the DAW told me to down load Line 6 ASIO driver for GX. I cannot find it on the download section. I have the latest version installed ( ). Can I get an ASIO driver for my GX? BR Stefan
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