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  1. @phil_mYes, your comment made me think of it. When i was trying all this, it seems that I was in "monitoring mode" on my interface. That means that if I do not have to have a DAW app open, you don't have any way to control the panning for the inputs. Default is center instead L+R. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I’m wondering if anyone can help. I want to use the iridium with my hx effects but have the iridium in the fx loop so that my wet effects can go after the iridium. I connected everything in stereo but only hear it in mono... I have the outputs in stereo. How do I hear my stereo wet effects in stereo. I made sure each effect is in stereo. My iridium is set to stereo and connections are correct. Still hearing everything in mono. Am I missing something?
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