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  1. now that I have found out the Helix won't play with my two DT-25 amps. :( Still waiting for my Helix to ship. Will try it for a few days before making a decision to keep or return. I suppose I could sell one DT and get a StageSource L2t. <_< This sucks!
  2. Guitar Center just pushed the ship date back to 11/13. :angry:
  3. On Saturday night I was playing a show when suddenly my HD500X would randomly change the tone I was on. It was almost like the POD had stopped working and I was going straight to the amp (POD is connected to Line 6 DT 25 via L6 Link). If I hit the footswitch it would go back to the programmed tone for a random period of time then do the same thing again. I have all the latest firmware updates installed along with the HD amp models. Thinking of backing everything up then doing a factory reset. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  4. I am new to the HD500X world and have a question. What is the difference between pre and post effects? :huh:
  5. pwik

    HD500X Reboots

    jakeman19, I updated to the latest firmware when I first got it, but I will try re-flashing it before exchanging for a new one. Thanks
  6. pwik

    HD500X Reboots

    I have had my HD500X for about two weeks and it has started acting up. It will not always change preset channels and has rebooted several times. Looks like I will be exchanging it for a new one. :(
  7. Believe me, I'm sold, just need to make some time to sit and learn all the system can do. I realize with the DT I'm not going to get a super clean acoustic sound because of the tube amp, but i never got that with my Spider either. :) Thanks again to all!
  8. Thanks everyone! I have to get a grasp on all this amp A and B, pre and post effects, etc. All my experience has been with my Spider IV 75 and I probably didn't even use that to it's potential. Luckily it's the beginning of winter and I have no other winter hobbies! Told the wife I would be locking myself in the basement on the weekends. :) I'm not worried that the acoustic sound isn't great, as long as it sounds decent. I'm sure once I get to spend some time with HD Edit hooked up it wall all start to make some sort of sense!
  9. I replaced my Spider IV 75 (died a slow death) with a POD HD500X and DT25 amp. Along with my JTV89, my dream rig is complete. I must say that there is a pretty big learning curve involved with the setup. My first order of business is to find a nice clean sound for the 12 string accoustic. If anyone has tips or tricks, please pass them along. I have been reading everything I can here and it's all starting to get convoluted. :unsure:
  10. My band plays mostly small to medium clubs. My Spider IV 75 handled it well. I usually played at about 1/3 to slightly higher volume. How would the DT25 compare? I realize it's an apples to oranges comparison but a generalization would help. Unfortunately there are no music stores in the area that actually stock any of the DT amps. :(
  11. I am looking to replace my Spider IV 75 due to it's having some power supply issues (but that's another story). I own a Tyler Variax and I recently picked up a POD HD500X. So now I am thinking of adding the DT50. My questions are: How is the reliability of the DT amps? Are they worth the money? With the POD HD what is the advantage of the DT over another brand amp? How good is the integration of the separate components? I appreciate any and all info provided! Phil
  12. Argh....can't download Monkey or Workbench HD. Keep getting "Not Found" "The requested URL/data was not found on this server" :(
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