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  1. Well there is Catalyst now! Not a FRFR speaker but usefull i.m.o. and with the four cable method you can go all the way. Catalyst can be a handy backup aswell for stage purposes since it's family of the Helix/PodGo.
  2. What I mean is that when you switch patches the footswitch colors will not change into the new colors. Say for instance that the colors were yellow green en flashing red (for tap tempo). When you recall whatever patch the colors remain the same yellow, green and red (no longer flashing) I also mentioned that I was connected to HX Edit but that doesn't seem to be relevant because it happened to me again today and I wasn't connected at the time with HX Edit. I have to say, I'm still in the "editing mode" myself and constantly fiddle around with the parameters and adding / deleting fx in the chain. Probably this is the main reason why the colors freeze.
  3. Hello, The footswitch color sometimes freezes. I was using a connection to HX Edit. Don't know at what point this happens. Using HX Stomp with sw 2.71. It happened before so that's why I wanted to report it. gr. Chris
  4. I use the Alto TS210 at home and really, there is no need for a 212 at home. My guess is that the TS208 or TS308 will work just fine for you. Especially when the footprint is important. greetings Chris
  5. You can fix this by right clicking the file helix.exe in your program files folder. Choose properties and then compatibility. Activate checkbox "behaviour high DPI" or something like that. Sorry my language settings is dutch so I don't know exactly the name of this item. It works fine for me in Windows 10. I Attached a screenshot. kind regards, Chris
  6. Hi all, Sometimes when I have used the tuner, and then go back to my patch, the volume has been decreased. When I switch form patch the problem is solved. Maybe a little bug? kind regards, Chris
  7. Thanks for your suggestion Triryche. I will post the Idea. I just love to have both outputs with the guitar signal. That's all.
  8. So it is stated that: "Using Main Outs & Amp Out Together - Only Bluetooth audio will be present at the Main Outs when the Amp Out jack is connected". But why not make it a choice in the options. Picture this: You would like to be recorded simultaneously while using your amp for monitoring purposes. Or maybe you just want to be there together in the mix with the rest of the band, still being able to use your amp. Please do not limit us where it is not needed. with kind regards, Chris
  9. Hi, Thanks for your response. I received an answer from Line 6 that the problem will be solved in an upcoming new firmware release. :)
  10. Hello, Yesterday I received my new Line 6 Amplifi 150. In order to connect to the amp with Android I performed the update of Amplifi to version 2.1. After the installation the Tone button doesn't light anymore. Today I went back to the shop en traded with a new Amplifi 150 because I thought it was a hardware fault. But again after installing version 2.1, there is no light on the Tone knob. Am I the only one here? kind regards, Chris
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