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  1. Hey guys, real quick question? I’m wondering if there is a possibility, that on the pod HD 500 X, can I assign the master volume to control the volume on the quarter inch outs only? I run the XLR‘s directly to the front of house mixer, and I run The 1/4 monitor outs to 2 Headrush 108 wedges for my monitors live. I want to be able to use the master volume to work as my personal volume knob and not affect the front of house mix at all. Is this possible?
  2. Hey guys. New Helix user here. I have begun to play around with 3rd party IR's. I opened the editor and dragged about 30 IR's onto the impulse area. They loaded on screen and I could drag them onto a preset if block. I saved a few in a preset, but when I unplug editor and use the Helix, there is only two sample IR's saved in the Helix itself? What gives? I want to save gen all in place so I can choose from them from the stages where I play and jot have to use editor everytime. Any help or thoughts on this appreciated? Ps. I love this thing since Ownhammer came along. The tone live with the OH itR's is huge and sounds better then my regular live rig!
  3. Title says it all! I am wondering if the JTV-59 is nitro or poly? Any help with this guys?
  4. Is this from the 1/4 inch outs or the xlr's? Im under the impression that the 1/4 out's both left and right are both mono? Is this correct? I need one mono signal 1/4 inch out into my redbox 5 direct box, which I take to the snake. I then need the other to go to my amp behind me, which i simply plug into the RETURN input of the loop of my amp so as to simply have stage AIR without involving the Amps Character/Preamp and end up coloring my sound. Hope this make sense. Any help appreciated. If someone can give me some basic info on using the 1/4 inch out't this way would be great.
  5. Excellent! Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks. Went ahead and bit the bullet and purchased a 500X. Might as well go with the real deal and the patch then try to immulate since able. Thanks again.
  7. Saw your post today and it got me thinking? I am about to run a pod hd500x in my church. I will be running a 1/4 out to a Redbox 5 direct box into the snake, and I want to run another out to my amp on stage through its RETURN just for monitoring. Thus it wont be using the preamp, etc on the map. How do I get a mono signal from both left and right 1/4 outs on the pod? Any way to do this?
  8. Im sure this has been covered and beaten like a dead horse, but I don't own a pod hd500x any longer. However, playing in church twice a week necessitates that I get my tone near the Brewster-Ville for certain songs. Im the utility player, so I have to cover vast tonal space. So, considering that I use an EQ pedal, and not a built in style on a given preset, I was wondering if someone with a POD HD500X might hook me up with the specific Parametric EQ settings Linc uses. Right now Im using a cheapo JOYO JF-11 6 Channel EQ pedal. If anyone would be able to even give me some direction on setting that towards the Linc tone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Have a blessed day!
  9. Hey guys, this may be way off base, but does anyone know if the FBV pedals might control the Atomic Amplifire Pedal? I received that pedal, and a buddy has an FBV for sale cheap, but I don't know if the FBV will control that pedal? Atomic will take midi, but I am not versed in the FBV pedals. I'm trying to build a small travel pedal and I love the feel of the FBV pedal he uses. I could borrow the pedal, but if it's not midi, then there is no reason. I know this question may sound ridiculous, but I thought I would check this forum for the info to start. Thanks for any help.
  10. True, I just find that the stock truss rod cover is just kind of an eye sore for me. Just a personal thing. Doesn't change the tone or make it better, just wondering if someone might know of anyone making a more solid replacement, maybe with a nice beveled edge? No worries, just checking.
  11. Guys, Im sure many would agree, that if you love your JTV59, you are probably not in love with the Truss Rod Cover. Very, Very, dang! Very Ugly! Just wondering if anyone has found, made or can recommend a better looking replacement? I have a massive collection of guitars, but I keep coming back to my JTV59. Just feels right and "home" for me. Thanks for any help guys.
  12. Well, need some advice to save time. What are the best Eric Johnson tone preset patches on Customtone right now? I need them for live use!
  13. There is my moment of....duhhhhh! Ive seen it sitting at the end of chain and never gave it a thought! Wow! Any chance you could share one of your favorite eq settings that I might try out to start tone shaping? Thanks again, and have a great day!
  14. Very exciting news! Now for the other part? How do I go about this process of running it to harmonize vocals and still run guitar direct also. Thanks.
  15. Last question for today, I was recently looking at buying a vocal harmonizer to run my vocal mic through as I lead worship at Church. Im using my pod hd500x as my main direct to house guitar rig, and was wondering if the pod can do this and save me some change in buying another pedal? Thanks for help.
  16. Can you tell me a bit more about the Global EQ? I used the original pod hd500 a few years back, but then Ive been a tube amp guy for so long. I have to go direct now as we are going 'silent stage' at church. Thanks for any help. P.S. you mentioned FRFR. Ive looked into the L2T, but kind of pricey! Would a powered stage monitor work similar? We have both active and passive Samson floor wedges, and I was wondering if this might be close enough to an FRFR to get away with it? I also own a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 which is just a power amp, no pre. I will have in ears, but when I pop one out sometimes, I would like a tad of stage sound coming right at me. Thanks again.
  17. Hey guys, Im new to the Global EQ? Ive done the firmware update, and I am beginning to build my tones, but where is the Global EQ? What is the Global EQ, and When will my Globe...EQ? lol! I had a pod hd500 a few years back and I went back to my tube amps, but now, necessity demands I go direct to house. Can someone help me understand the global EQ in the guise of a simpleton? Greatly appreciated. I play a style akin to Andy Timmons, and also very lincoln brewsterish in church. Cheers.
  18. Hey guys, I dove into my brand new POD HD500x today, but have yet to connect direct in my sanctuary sound system to test the best amp/mic/cab combo when running direct. I always lean to Marshall/DR Z style amps, so ive been impressed with the Marshall amps in it, and PHD is great. Just wanted to get some input from those who run their pod direct to house, and what type mics seem to punch through the best with these two amps without being shrill!? For cleans, I either roll the volume back, or use a Fender style clean. Twin reverb-ish style is what I like on cleans. All in all, one of my favorite guitarists is Andy Timmons, and the style I play often is Lincoln Brewster like in church. I have his patches and had to tweak some of the Bass out of it. I anded on the 409 mic to balance for my ears. He uses Dimarzio Areas which have alot of treble, and I use Dimarzio Injectors, so theres my reason. Anyway, hope everyone has a great day, and send me a few tweak tips for live direct! Thanks.
  19. That's great. Last question? Why run to a direct box? doesn't the pod connect direct to snake no problem?
  20. This is great to hear. My question then would be, when you are running them both, do I need to pan hard left or right on anything? I'm new to the stereo idea, but I definitely want to make use of all possible features, or at least test them. Thanks.
  21. Ok, let's resurrect this thread. I'm about to receive a pod hd500x tomorrow and I play live twice a week. I had a pod hd500 a long time ago and feel the urge to dive in deeper this time running direct and using my in ear monitors. My question is based on so many threads I've read with tech jargon that sound like Mr Spock trying to make biscuits, but never making it clear. I've read some saying run both close direct to snake as signal is stereo, and not summed which 1/4 left does. Or add noise gate at end of signal to sum stereo. Also I read that Stereo fx are the only reason to run stereo? I love the sound of dual amps, and my question is simple I hope. In order to run dual amps that sound great direct, do I need to pan one amp left and the other amp hard right in the signal chain, and balance them on the channel sliders on the board in sound booth? Or do I just a balance them in the signal to middle on both amps, and run both xlrs out? I know I can always run a 1/4 in left out for a summed mono signal, but I truly want to try the stereo thing. Do all my fx have to be stereo if I am running stereo? Pan left? right? Downsides? Thanks for any help crew. Cheers.
  22. Checking to see if your tone patches are still available. Great tone my friend. my email:
  23. I personally found that while my skills were forthcoming and still are, looking for and upgrading my gear without killing my credit score was wise. New gear can sometimes be a good motivator. If you are playing through crap, sometimes it can be a dream killer. However, be wise, buy modestly and build up. I started fast and bought every guitar imaginable, every 'magic' pedal, and read every forum and watched every YouTube video. I have returned to my roots, sold all my guitars except 2, and have dedicated to focus on only keeping the gear that I truly enjoy the tone from. Will I get more gear in the future? Of course! Restraint is wisdom, but like an earlier post said...who cares if you have tons of gear if you can't play it! Dive in deep and play every single day, no matter what. Noodle while watching tv, and just commit to be better every day! I can tell you from experience that as you play better your ideal tone in your head will change! Tonal Maturity can be expensive, so be wise and let the skill grow with modest gear and as tonal maturity grows you will know what you truly need for your tone. Cheers Mate.
  24. Has anyone else heard this new album by Brewster? I personally think it's some of his best work to date. Guitar solos are just perfectly placed and are not self indulgent at all, but really lend to the songs! I was impressed! Does anyone know if he used his normal pod hd500x tones? I see on His Facebook page that he is till using his pod hd500x live, but wasn't sure if he was using that, or a Kemper or Axe Fx2 in studio? Cheers....
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