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  1. Hi All , I have a HD500 and i want to know if anyone had built a MIDI controller template for switching Banks,programs and more control of all patches ? There are many MIDI designers and controller apps for iPhone and iPad and i think it would be convenient to have MIDI controlling the presets on the HD and M fx. There are apps like TouchOSC , Lemur , Control , Midi Designer etc that can be used to build custom MIDI interfaces. I did a quick test with Midi Designer Pro and was able to send a Bank Change and Program Change and have the HD500 swtich to the right preset. Designing a flexible MIDI controlling template would be a big effort and is there a ready template for some app already built ? Also , does the HD500 let one vary the values with MIDI also ? Can the 4 knobs be mapped to sliders in the MIDI controller interface so that it would be very easy to change presets but even parameters on the fly right from the guitar ! Any ideas / inputs welcome ! thanks pat
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