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  1. Having trouble saving Exp2 parameter changes. Trying to set exp2 to control Delay mix but the patches all revert to Time instead of mix. Anyone else have exp2 trouble?
  2. I've got two FH-1500 bought when they first came out only to have them release the Powercab 112 which is really what we all wanted in the first place. We had pedals we needed an amp to run them that didn't way 70 lbs. Totally pissed at Line 6.
  3. I wish it was truly road worthy. The cover rips with the slightest bumps. The knobs are made from cheap plastic and break with ease and in 5 months the 12' speaker has blown twice.
  4. Hi everybody, I've had the Firehawk 1500 going on 5 months and it has been in the repair shop half that time due to speaker issues. It's got cheap plastic knobs that get torn off by the least amount of pressure. The outer cover rips with ease. But it sounds great when it's working. I play all styles 7 nights a week and twice on the weekends so my equipment has to be road worthy and sadly this amp although marketed as road worthy is NOT!
  5. Same issue whether I'm running mono or stereo! We need a pad for the XLR outs or a separate volume control. Hello?
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