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  1. Thanks again ... and it makes sense about the wah. I will experiment with the settings you suggest. It already sounds much better. -Marty
  2. Thanks ... some time ago I believe you posted to "Custom Tone" your patch "Lotta L by Nico". That one seems different than what you describe above. In any case, for the solo ... should the wah be heel or toe maximized? I'm not sure of what the proper terminology is but heel maximized would mean to me that my toe would be up physically higher than my heel. BTW, I have a JTV-89F.
  3. Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love ... especially the solo ... I have a POD HD500 and none of the patches on Custom Tone seem to nail it for me. Must be the guitarist (me) problem :-) Any suggestions for the patch?
  4. I would appreciate you sharing your patch and/or settings for the song Baby Blue by Badfinger. I just can't seem to get even close to it. Any advice would be much appreciated :-)
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