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  1. Well, if the Phone, PC (Android EMulated) or IPAD are in the 1 meter range, all is well, if i go further then that, starts losing connection. I had a Amplifi75 and now i own a 150 both with same problem.
  2. Is there anyway of displaying all available tones in cloud? When i search for a tone i have to be specific, It would be nice for example to leaving the search box empty and after pressing search would display all tones for. Anyone knows a way to display all tones? Regards.
  3. Well, after you install it for the first time with your account (i used another ipad with my account) The app started showing option to install older versions, but you still only gonna have old versions...
  4. Hello, Sorry for posting here but didn't know where to, cannot find questions about licenses. My POD HD500x died and i had purchased the HD Model Packs and i see that is a gift option in my HD Model Packs. My question is, since the HD500x doesn't turn on, can i give the HD model packs without de-authorizing the POD it first? Regards.
  5. I have a S7 and i have to get the phone really close (1 meter max) from the amp, or else is allways loosing connection.
  6. Hello, i've purchased an ipad mini to use with amplifi (It says on line6 requirements that it's supported), turns out that the store version requires IOS10 and ipad mini doesn't have IOS 10, it has been discontiued to this device. So, is there any option to install a IOS9 compatible app? Can you provide since i cant get it in store? Regards.
  7. Well, just bought 3 set's of their patches (incluiding the metal update one) and.. the high gain ones, dont sound like advertised.. :| I've replied with a sample of their sound (Master of puppets rythm).. dunno if im doin something wrong but its hard to miss.
  8. Yeah, but someone created a time machine went back and stole my idea of creating line6 :p, i was the original owner/creator:D:D:D, i should have a discount either way
  9. Damn, for outside US i have to pay an addictional 22$ for the 99$ for the fully loaded. If i had a good discount, i would buy it if the total was 99$ :P
  10. Hi, one more, i saw various people reporting the same issue but almost had solution and unfortunally i didn't.. I have a Variax 600 and works fine, and i bought the XPS, TRS Cable and the USB interface. When i connect the variax to the interface and interface to computer both leds blink green and the interface is detected, the variax isn't. I've tried with other computer, other USB port's, other OS's and nothing. Tried with batteries and XPS, only batteries, only XPS various combinations and with no success. I've opened the guts and made continuity test's between the RJ interface on the guitar with the cable connected to the other end of the USB interface wich seems that the problem isn't of the both connectors and the cable. I've saw a pinout diagram to connect the guitar to the computer via RJ-MIDI, i did the piout but nothing, but i dont know if anyone tested and if anyone did, can provide me the diagram of midi to ethernet just to confirm i did it right. Anyone have more ideas? Regards.
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