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  1. I too have the same issue and after dropping close $1400. on this guitar I'm pissed off. At first I just thought it was the modeling. I kept doing you tube searches to see if anyone else had this issue. I never really ever found anything except the palm muting issues.Then I found this thread and several others. I just cannot understand how Line 6 can honestly say there is no issue. I have purchased so much gear from these guys , spider amps, Ux2, Pod Farm, HD500, HD500X, Amplifi 150, Firehawk and now the Helix. Its really wrong and dishonest to not recall these 89f and fix the issue or at least give a different model.
  2. Hello All -So I have had my JTV-89F for about 3 months. I love this guitar as well as all Line 6 products! However I recently purchased the new Firehawk from Zzounds and that's when I realized I had a problem. So, to save a few bucks I order what Zzounds calls a Warehouse Re-seal. Which means either the unit got demo or someone returned it. The unit was in great condition and worked fine. However, when I tried to plug my brand new VDI cable into the Variax port there was no sound. The cable was however powering the guitar. I also could not see any changes within the Firehawk remote app either. So after trying a bunch of things such as switching cable re-installing drivers and firmware. I returned the unit and order a new Firehawk. I now have the new firehawk and still have no sound or control over the guitar within the app. I have no issues when using the a 1/4 mono jack. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  3. I just got my Variax JTV89F and pretty sure the F standing for funked up. My bar does not even fit in the hole. It is really hard to get and it appears to be to long becasue the threads do not meet. I would think this should be covered under my warranty. The thing is, I do not have to ship the whole guitar out. It would be great if I could just get a new bar. Does anyone know where i can buy a new bar?
  4. Well I had the POD 500X and the Spider 75 Jam and actually trade them both to into the Amplifi 150. I figured being in a cover band I could not go wrong with the Amplifi. What I flipping mistake this was! Do not get me wrong I love Amplifi, but it's still very limited in what it can do compared to the POD series! Now after finally getting MY JTV89F Variax I can tell you i'll be switching back to the POD 500X ASAP!
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