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  1. I am running Protools 10, using an ElevenRack as the sound card. I am running PadFarm for my guitar and bass processing. It worked great until about a week ago. When I first open a saved project, PodFarm loads up just fine and gives me the requisite tones. As soon as I change to another tone, I no longer get any input or output signals in PodFar. I tried updating everything, uninstalling and reinstalling PodFarm, etc, no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. Here's the situation. When I plug in my guitar into my interface (elevenrack), I can see my in/out working correctly in the plugin version of pod farm. However, once I load a saved tone, my in/out levels dissapear. I can still hear my DI, but the tone just doesn't work. I had zero problems a few days ago, so I'm sure that it's something I did. Now it's possible it's something wrong with elevenrack, but I wanted to see if anyone had had a similar problem. Thanks.
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