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  1. Hey guys, what happened? Amazed to draw the conclusion that you really can adjust the mic gain in Global Settings. That knob used to work but since latest update (or for unknown reason) the mic gain stays 0 when trying to adjust. Why? Is this a sign that confirms your suspicions about failure of preamp/mic-input in the HELIX? No matter how I try to adjust input - with new preset and studio pre amp (mic) - nothing through the computer but a low signal of voice (but not enough to record properly). Tried dynamic mics, condensers and changed all the cables. Something - or myself - is seriously wrong here. Please respond if possible, I have a mortal deadline for a jingle. Be good! /From the snowy soundscape of Lapland. P.S. Condenser mic to mic input Helix - out USB input 8 to computer. (Doesn't matter if sending to XLR). Can not control insignal from Logic in computer, just "send". There's no way to enhance the signal via mic presets or Global Settings, (besides from turning off and on the Phantom Power, which works, so I guess (if anything else is broken inside Helix) it isn't the power. Same result anyway when using dynamic mic without ph power. D.S
  2. All right, thanks so far! Just to be sure: I can use the Helix to (with footswitch ease...) change to any instrument on the Variax without delay - even tweaked presets with preset volume - when mid-song changing from rhytm acoustic to howling solo within a beat...?
  3. Thank you all for the posts, suggestions and links. Today the day to order a Helix - but then I suddenly saw some discussions that I didn´t understand in other thread: main reason for me to use Helix is to Control the JTV from acoustic to Electric on stage with my feet rather than direct on the JTV. Is this not an option(?) What´s the deal here? Can I switch as above and to other instruments in Variax (even tweaked by Helix programming) without delay - through the Helix? Appreciatively!
  4. Snowskull

    Helix FAQ

    Hey, trying to interpret the answer concerning tapswitching from Helix to Control Variax. (Not English as my mother tongue..) About to invest in a Helix - but only reason is to be able to Control my JTV - on stage - as I constantly need to switch between rhytm acoustic and howling solos of the more Spank-related kind... Yes I know, what kind of Music is he playing. Nevertheless, need a Quick answer on this. Appreciatively, Snowskull
  5. Hi out there, In the process of investing in a Helix - I become rather confused when scanning the web and forums and scrutinizing the PDF-manual: There is very little talk about acoustic amps, expressions, effects and such... Feels like I´m not the target group here...? But still I wan´t my JTV to sound better through the Helix than ANY other connected device or straight in to L1 Bose. Anyone else feel the same hesitation? Why isn´t there a short demo just for Variax and acoustic possibilities when using the Helix? Are Line6 afraid to confuse young multieffectslashers? Thankful for more info concerning acoustic setups that are out of this world, as everything else seems to be in the Line 6 BMW ;)
  6. Hi, what is the cheapest and easiest way to control a JTVariax from sound booth? (i.e. to switch between acoustic and Spank - as an example). Need to help guitarist with timing and patch changes. We have none of the effect pedals. Just the cord to update the JTV. Would appreciate some great advices on the matter. Holiday Greetings from Lapland. /Snowskull
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