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  1. So, I'm reaaaaaally disappointed at Line6 right now. Since I bought my system (2xL3T, 2xL3s and 3LxL3m and 1 M20D) I've been having nothing but issues with it. First a bad card within a L3m made lose money for a gig I didn't get paid because of cutting issues during the entire gig. Then I sent it for repair (within the 1 year warranty Line6 gives) and it took months to get back. Later, I realized they put an L3s card inside and the sound is awful. Then the M20D had the grounding issues. Again, it made me lose money. The screen failed after it got "repaired" for the grounding issue. Now, I have it stored because Yamaha (the Line6 distributor in Mexico) doesn't have the parts or cards or whatever they explained. Today, I'm done with this system as I'm writing from a gig and the L3S failed as it just stopped making sound. Meaning, it's like is off, but it's not and the damned card recognizes the cable. I tried to power cycle it, change the crossover freq, swap the cable, use it standalone. Nothing worked. So, I decided with pain in my heart, to sell the f*** out of it. Please, do not buy issues. Buy a good system...I don't know what issues it has, but it's unfair that line6 sells a system that fails so much just to get ahead of the live audio business.
  2. Wersonnst: I did that yesterday, checked voltages, re pressed the ribbon cables, etc but still is not working.. also the sound from the Aux input when I connect my iPhone is very "crunchy" like it is saturated ... very bad quality. My main issue here is that the Line 6 service is non existent... we have service from Yamaha distributors here in Mexico. But the service is awful and expensive. I'm getting more frustrated every time this mixer has an issue... it is a little more than a year since I have it and the operation hours that I have used it is less than 500 in sum. I mean what the heck.... I just need to know what could possibly be happening, if anyone of Line 6 Staff could point me in the right direction of what component is in charge of carrying the sound from the line inputs 13-16 and the monitor and main outs (Line6 Link is working fine and also the USB) so I could check that.... that will be awesome! Thanks.
  3. I think I have the same issue here, but my problem is a bit different. I have NO sound coming from the speakers on any of these channels... 13 to 16. It recognizes the cable that is connected and it displays a new icon (Line icon) on the Stage but nothing comes from it... Yes, it has volume and is not muted. Besides when you plug the same instrument on other channel from 1 to 12 you can see that there's a volume spectrum coming from that channel but nothing when you plug it to any channel from 13 to 16. Any ideas? PLs!
  4. Hello everyone! Wersonnst, I did fix the issue with dropped volume on the M20D, but after a few months it happened again... it was a cable that was unsold from the rest it was solder again and it worked fine... but I noticed yesterday that the sound from the channels 13-16 is gone... in this case all the line inputs are gone, also.. the Aux input has a very bad quality of sound (it saturates with low or high volume on my iPhone). The headphones jack is also gone... no sound comes from it. I don't know what could be causing this... any ideas? What I did: - Reopened the the M20D casing - Checked all the cables and connections and everything was OK. - The M20D recognizes the inputs and assigns the proper icon to the Stage (Line icon) - Cranked up the volume on the channels to see if probably was a volume issue, it was not. You can see nothing coming on the volume spectrum - swapped channels with the combi jacks and from 1-12 works fine, no issues there. So the issue must be something on the 2 sets of line inputs. Any ideas? This is driving me crazy and there is no more warranty on my mixer ... ! :( Thanks in advance! NItro
  5. Hi there, I'm having a problem getting the iPad app to "see" the m20D. You see, I have bought this USB dongle and the first time I connected it to the mixer it worked like a charm. Then the second time I tried to use it for one of my band's performance it connected fine but it said the connection was interrupted. And from there on, I was unable to connect it again. The issue was not interference or distance as I was next to the mixer desk. Just beside it. I tried to test it today again at home with nothing on but just the dongle and my guitar and iPad. The iPad was set beside the mixer ON THE SAME TABLE! I was able to find the mixer using the wifi settings on the iPad and the settings on the mixer say that wifi is active and tried different channels! Everything worked fine except The app is unable to find the mixer. This is getting frustrating, first I had the grounding issue (which is now resolved) and then this. Not very happy with the multiple issues with this mixer. I purchased the dongle because it is recommended in your official forums. Can somebody help?
  6. Fix applied. I followed the steps of your link and it worked like a charm! It even fixed the headphone jack (that was not sending anything) and the Mute Mic button that wasn't working properly. After opening the mixer I noticed that a ribbon cable was not connected properly (I guess that was the issue with the mute mic button and the hadphone jack) and that there was some rust forming on the PC boards, after soldering all the grounding together to a single ground point and removing the rust using WD-40 and a toothbrush and putting everything back together it fixed the issues with the mixer. Thanks everyone for your help! You saved me a lot of frustrating issues and I love the M20D again!
  7. Not really, the grounding should be resolved when you put a UPS peak proof unit in between the mixer power cable and the power outlet. So, again, it happens even when you put that kind of cre to a system that is digital. Because you know, it's digital and even if you blow into the system it would cause damage. So, I handle it with care that sometimes makes me look a little "Howard Hughes-sy". So, if any L6 expert could give an input that would really help with my issue, it will be really appreciated. Just to add to the information I run a band that uses basically all the available channels on the M20D. Drummer uses 5 channels (from 1 to 5 The mics are a Shure Beta 52a and a bunch of SM57) Percussionist uses 2 channels ( 7 and 8 Uses Audix D2 mics) DJ uses Channel 6 Lead singer uses 1 channel (channel 9 Audix OM2) Female singer uses 1 channel (Channel 10 Line6 XD-V55 mic) I use one Channel (Channel 11 with a Shure Beta 58) bass Guitar is at channel 12 I use a POD HD500 that uses channels 13 and 14 And Keyboard player uses Channel 15 The issue has been happening from time to time on different channels and is not the same channel every single time. So that's what leads me to believe it is more a software than a hardware or grounding issue. Please any inputs? Thanks! Nitro
  8. Hi everyone! I hope you can give some input on this problem I've been having for some time now. Misteriously, after the warranty ended my M20D started showing an issue where I plug a microphone (Shure Beta 58) with the volume near the 3/4 up and when I speak to it is very silent, almost near no sound. I tried to speak louder to it and all of the sudden Whooooooooomp! the volume gets back to where it should be... making it a very stressful situation when you're playing a gig in a Wedding or any other party my band plays on. Things I tried, Updated the firmware on the mixer. Swapped cables (all my cables are new XLR with Neutrik ends, all balanced) Swapped Mics (I swapped the Beta that is brand new for an Audix OM2 wich is brand new as well, same issue) I use a UPS between the mixer cable and my house outlet. Restarting the mixer temporarily solves the issue but after some minutes it happens again. I erased the mic and unplugged the cable, plugged it again hoping to solve the issue, same issue. I use one L3S and one L3T with AES/EBU cables (cables are brand new) It happens with a bass as well not just the mics The strange thing is that when you speak louder (basically yelling to the mic while you wrap around your hand to the head of the mics) it feels like the mic was "clogged" so to speak and the yell just unclogs it making it work again for a short period. I'm feeling kind of desperate because I purchased the full Line 6 speaker/mixer (M20D, 2 L3S, 2 23T and 3 L3M's and an XD-V55) system because I love the brand and I'm feeling they are letting me down. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the inputs! Cheers, Nitro
  9. Hi guys, I have the same issue. Or at least pretty similar. I have the m20d and run 2 L3T mounted on speaker tripods, 2 L3S horizontally placed, and 3 L3M's for monitoring. When I connect everything goes smooth for the first hour or so. Last Saturday I was engineering sound for a band on a wedding and while the band was playing at the Waltz everything was fine, then there was a break and all good. But the issue came right after the band started to play again, the second part of the chain of speakers started to misbehave. The way I usually connect is LIne6 Link Output - L3T Input - L3T Out - L3S In and so forth. Until there my chain works flawlessly, the problem seems to be after I connect the secon poart of the chain... the next L3T and L3S and the 3 L3M's After some period of time, the speakers begin to reconfigure themselves as I can see that happening at the L6 Link screen at the M20D, at first I thought it was a flaw from the mixer, and then the power consumption was just too much and the speakers weren't getting as much power as they need to. But Sincerely, I don't have a clue now as what to do. Any thoughts? Will be really appreciated!
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