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  1. I can appreciate the anticipation. It’s like knowing that Christmas is coming, it could be at any moment... but there’s no hint or indication except that it’s sometime this spring... maybe early summer... but could be any moment. I’m really excited about the upcoming update. And while I wouldn’t call it unnerving, there is an anticipation and an excitement involved. And for some people that anticipation and excitement can lead to a bit of a let down at the realization that Christmas still hasn’t come yet. But it could... at any moment...
  2. How many amps can I run simultaneously in stomp? I thought only 2.
  3. If I set up 2 amps in the HX stomp, and assigned each to an output, could I then use a y cable or some kind of aby/splitter to put 1 amp into two inputs on the FX and the other amp into a third input, then make a makeshift faux wet-dry-wet type setup?
  4. Fantastic! Thank you. Having never used midi I couldn’t quite articulate the question, but this is exactly what I was thinking about. So, I wouldn’t need a midi return from the Stomp to the Effects?
  5. I’ve been using the HX effects for about a year now, and I just ordered the HX stomp, for running them together, is midi going to be my best bet? Or just patch cable straight in?
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