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  1. Hi again everyone! I would like to tell you that I finally solved the issue on my POD HD 500 ;) As Hurghanico has suggested, the problem was really the "Internal USB Chip Controller" that was damaged. So, I ordered a new one, then, I got someone to install it, and now the POD is functioning well again! I'm really happy. I wanna thank you all for your help! Best regards from Portugal! ;) Hélder
  2. Duncann, yes, I really hope so :) You're right about these USB ports. They break very easily, but that's okay because the current USB port I have on my POD is a more rugged one than the original one that came with this model. I have a USB port like this: The original USB Port I had before, it was a port like the one Hurghanico has shown above. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion ;) When I get to solve this issue, I will let you know, and I will let you know if the cause of the problem was really the USB chip (I hope so!) :-P Cheers! Hélder
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it :) Duncann, I checked it out with the place that sells Line 6 replacement parts (Full Compass), but they don't ship to Portugal, but then, I was able to contact the Line 6 representatives in my country (Diaptecnica) and they can sell me the right USB Chip. I already ordered it from them. It costed me 23.73 € (with shipping costs included), but they had to order it from Yamaha (I think Line 6 now is managed by Yamaha). They told me that the delivery time is about 1 week, so, hopefully I will get it before Christmas and will have it replaced by a electronics technician from the region I live in. I hope that it all works ;) Meanwhile, Line 6 Customer Service also informed me that the USB Chip I need is the following: IC CONTROLLER USB 2.0 W/8052 MCU CY7C68013A-56; Part number: QN171562 Hurghanico, In any case, I will save the links that you have sent to me (It can be always useful, specially the USB Chip Manual). Thanks! ;) Pfsmith0, thank you for your suggestions too. I guess the problem is really the USB Chip Controller. All the best to everyone! Hélder
  4. Thanks a lot Duncann. I will check it out ;) All the best! Hélder
  5. Hi! I'm not an electronics expert too, so, you might be right. Today I'll try to test it with the Power Supply of the POD HD 500X of a friend of mine. But I still believe that the real problem is the USB internal chip, and the guys from Line 6 this morning told me that I could be right, so, I guess I'm gonna try to find someone to replace the chip (if it's not too expensive). Buying an used HD could be a better option... By the way, do you know what is the right USB Chip for the HD 500?
  6. Hi again Hurghanico and Duncann. I've tested the power supply and its voltage, and it's working fine. I also have tried again to test the POD in another computer, but nonetheless, nothing has worked so far. I finally got a reply from the staff of Line 6, and I've followed all the steps that they told me to do (re-installing the drivers, testing it with another computer again...etc.) but it didn't work. As Hurghanico as suggested before, the problem could be the Internal USB chip controller broken (even though I had the USB Port fixed some time ago). After trying everything, I think that's the only possible conclusion. Tomorrow I will try to find some professional that could fix it (If that's the case), and I have already sent another e-mail to the staff of Line 6, informing them of the current situation... Best regards!
  7. Okay! Thank you again for your help Hurghanico and Duncann! I really appreciate it :) If I get to solve the problem with my POD then I will let you know. Cheers! Hélder
  8. Hi Duncann! Thank you for your help. I have also tried to use the "right arrow" menu options as you said, and when I select "FLASH", it will display: "P" (Pass). So, if the problem really is the "Power Supply", I will try to power ON the POD with another power supply this week. I have some friends that also have POD HD 500 and 500 X units, so I will try to use their "Power supply", as well, try again to connect my POD to their laptops, etc. Meanwhile, perhaps the personnel from Line 6 Official Support Team will help me out on this too. There must be a solution out there, even though the solution is to buy a new device, lol. Thanks again :) Cheers! Hélder
  9. I just tried that, but still not working. When I start "Line 6 Monkey" it still indicates the same message: "No Devices Detected"... It's really weird. I hope that the Line 6 Official Support guys will find some solution for this issue...
  10. Hi! Okay, I will try that ;) The USB Port isn't broken and I think that the "internal USB chip controller" is also working, because some time ago, it was broken and then it was fixed by a professional, so, my USB Port was replaced by a new one. I will also try this last procedure you told me to try. I hope that it works :) I'm a professional guitarist and I do music for a living, so, I must to repair the POD as soon as I can, otherwise, I will have to buy a new POD HD 500 X perhaps... Thanks again. I will message you back and tell you if it worked or not. Cheers! Hélder
  11. Hi hurghanico. Thank you for your help. But, what do you mean exactly by "re-flashing the firmware"? Do you mean: Simply trying to update the POD in a different computer? A few days ago I also tried to connect the POD via USB in another computer, but still, it didn't detect the POD, so, if it won't detect it via USB and the POD can only be updated by USB, how can I solve this problem? I already opened a support ticket to speak with the L6 official support team, and I'm awaiting for their reply. Thanks! All the best, Hélder Oliveira
  12. "Men don't die when their hearts stop beating, rather they die when their souls stop dreaming".

  13. Hi! I need some help, regarding the technical issues I'm having with my POD HD 500. When I power ON the device, it will display the LINE 6 logo permanently, so, the device won't initialize; I have tried a "FACTORY RESET", pressing the left arrow while powering the POD, but without success. Pressing/holding the down arrow, it will indicate: "UPDATE FLASH". Assuming that it needs a "FLASH MEMORY" update, it simply won't be possible by any means to do it, because: When using "Line 6 MONKEY", it won't recognize any USB connection to the POD, so it won't detect the device. If it doesn't detect the device via USB, and a "RESET" won't work either, how can I solve this issue and update the "FLASH MEMORY"? Connecting the POD via MIDI-USB Interface, the POD HD500 won't appear on the "Monkey's" list, while other devices will. I wonder why this model cannot be updated via MIDI Interface. It simply doesn't make any sense for me; I also tried to use different USB cables, USB ports on my laptop, tried to re-install Line 6 Monkey and everything else., but with no effect). RESUMING: Nothing works. Being a professional musician, I really need to solve this problem as quickly as possible, so I hope that someone out there can help me on this! I will be awaiting for your replies. Best regards to everyone! ;) Hélder Oliveira
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