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  1. In fact I use the POD that way (with the cab sim on). For cleans sounds good but when it comes to crunch/high gain patches sounds so false and with no "life". The idea of running the POD with a SS power amp and a cab is using the POD as a preamp and the speakers from the cab for delivering a good sound but it doesn't work for me and it's weird 'cause there is other people using the same kind of rig and get awesome results. Anyway thanks for the answer.
  2. Yes, I'm using the Studio/Direct output and I tried all the input and output options to see if the problem solves and sadly it persist. This problem of harshness happens when I turn off the cab simulation of the preamps (full or pre versions) and it's a big issue in the crunch/high gain presets. Thank you for helping me BTW :)
  3. Like I pointed before, I tried the Pod connected to a Jazz Chorus Power amp and the issue continues.
  4. Hi. When I play guitar with the POD and headphones sounds quite good (with the cab sim on) but still with some annoying high frequencies that tend to saturate. About your second question, I tried to change the inputs between the Pod and the Power Amp and the results are the same :/ . Thanks for asking :)
  5. Hi mates, posted this 'cause I need your help. I've been trying to tweak sounds with my Pod connected to a Samson Servo 200 Power Amp and a DIY 2x12 cab and the results are bad, because when I deactivate the cab sim in the Pod (with the Power amp and the cabinet connected) sounds awful, noisy, saturated and with so many ugly high frequencies. Tried to hook it up with a Roland Jazz Chorus Power Amp and the problem persist. Tried it with all the output modes (tweaked them) and with the full or pre versions of the amps and I had the same results. I hope if anyone have the anwser to my problem. Greetings and thanks! (P.S.: Excuse me for my basic english, i'ts not my native language ;) )
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