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    Wah and Volume

    That's correct, thanks for your reply. But if I don't want another pedal, is there a way to toggle between exp1 and exp2 with somethimg like a footswitch? Can you assign a footswitch to toggle between them?
  2. brainbug

    Wah and Volume

    Hi all sorry for my maybe dumb question, but just wondering... If I have a wha on expression pedal 1 and volume on expression pedal 2, every time i want to toe switch to wha pedal, the volume goes to and stays to maximum until i switch back to volume pedal? :o Just wondering because in my POV this makes a big difference in how to program all the setlist. Will you confirm this or is there some hidden trick that I don't know? :D
  3. Hi all Where do you think it would be best to connect the Jack from a G50 or Shure GLXD wireless system to the Helix? Guitar in? Aux in? Or Return set to instrument like DI from Line 6 apparently suggested? :mellow: Alberto
  4. Hi DI Can you please tell me why a wireless system should be connected at the return jack set to instrument? Is there a technical reason? Thanks Alberto
  5. Thank you Phil...Good, I will do that then, even though that will be a pain for other reasons, like automated midi program change .. Anyway, in this case do you think it's better to turn off power amp too and leave only preamps on, or it would be enough to turn cabs off? Thanks for your replay
  6. Hi people Just a question, because i didn't find the answer in the manual.. If I do a gig connecting straight to the FOH mixer, and the next gig connected to a stereo guitar power amp and cabs, do I have to turn off cabs on each preset or is there somewhere a global cab on and cab off? :huh: Thanks Alberto
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