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  1. please can we have a decent voice box effect, the legacy one pants ,
  2. All my kit is normal short to sleeve, works fine with fractal fx8 and TC ,
  3. Well that told me, reply from Line 6 indicted I should have got a "popular" amp and its my own fault for buying something so unusual as a Mesa or a PRS, then advised me not to use a external switcher either
  4. you can add the Mesa mkV90, PPRS MT15 and Peavey 6060MH to the list of amps that wont work, I've opened a ticket but given what I've read I,ll be going back to axefx and external switcher, not impressed for £1300 , the lads at PMT have been great and replaced the unit but still the same damned issue, not on at all
  5. Decent talk box that transitions smoothly,
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